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Jooble is a job aggregator that scours thousands of websites, including job boards, career portals, and company websites, to create a centralized database of vacancies across 67 countries. Equipped with applicant tracking tools and segmentation, Jooble provides great visibility for employers looking to attract skilled candidates faster.

While the platform can provide employers with invoicing and traffic tracking, all of Jooble's features can only be accessed via sponsored posts. Additionally, the platform provides a cost-free alternative to cater to those on a tight budget, and it includes features missing from Mumbrella Jobs, such as segmentation and job post analytics.


  • Jooble features job ads from 67 countries.
  • There is a dedicated Australian site available.
  • The Premium plans include access to job ad analytics, and employers can manage the flow of candidates.
  • Job seekers who match job descriptions receive job alerts.
  • Employers can purchase a sponsored plan to have their ads appear at the top of search results.
  • The site is available in 29 languages.
  • The platform states that they receive 90 million visits from potential candidates per month.
  • Job ads are auto-renewed and bumped to the top of searches four times a day to increase visibility.
  • Employers can set daily limits and post or remove job ads whenever they want with the sponsored plans.
  • Jooble integrates with a range of applicant tracking systems, and the Premium plan includes basic tracking features.


  • There is little assistance with hiring, such as prescreening questions and the ability to invite candidates to apply.
  • Only legal entities or private entrepreneurs can advertise jobs on Jooble.
  • Employers can't post directly to Jooble's website.
  • Unlike its competitors, Jooble lacks social media sharing and resume database access.
  • Multiple employers have complained about the site advertising outdated or false vacancies.
  • Employers won't receive candidates' responses to job ads if they use an ATS to post vacancies.
  • With the sponsored plans, job ads must be moderated and approved before publishing on the site.
  • All features, including applicant tracking, auto-renewal, and segmentation, are only available with the sponsored plans.
  • Employers posting multiple vacancies or via a multi-country website must purchase the Premium Advanced plan.
  • Pricing is only available in euros.


Jooble has more than 800 reviews on Trustpilot and has a 1.5-star rating. Many of the 5-star reviews were posted within days of each other, but they noted that the service was helpful and affordable.

However, negative reviews state that customer service and functionality on the site need improvement. Additionally, multiple employers who have signed up for the service have complained about excessive spam emails, with some employers receiving daily job alerts despite not opening job seeker accounts.




Standard Job Posting


Premium Basic*

From €200.00 /post.

Premium Advanced*

From €500.00 /post.

*Job aggregation.

How to Submit a Job Feed to Jooble:

  1. Log on to the Jooble home page.
  2. Click on the "Share Jobs" button located on the top right of the page.
  3. Select a job posting package from the free and paid options available.
  4. Ensure your XML feed meets the Jooble specifications.
  5. Fill in your information in the blocks provided.
  6. Click on "Send."

Jooble vs. Mumbrella Jobs:

Mumbrella Jobs is a media and marketing company with a job board on its website. It is free for employers to post a job, but no other hiring tools are offered. While Jooble aggregates jobs for free, employers can sponsor job posts and receive several benefits, such as job post analytics and premium positions in search results.

Jooble vs. Jora:

Jora is a job aggregator and job posting site based out of Australia. Employers can post up to 10 free jobs on Jora per month, while Jooble offers no job post creation on its platform. Both websites allow employers to sponsor job posts for more visibility, but Jooble has the additional feature of job post analytics.

Jooble vs. SEEK:

Jooble receives millions of visits per month from candidates, but the site offers its services to a global audience, while SEEK is dedicated to Australia's job market. This helps simplify the candidate pool and increase visibility. However, while Jooble is an aggregator that lists jobs for free, SEEK's costs are based on the job's specifications.

Key Information

Legal Name



Roman Prokofyev

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2006


Griva Digeni St., Panayides Bldg., Office 203, Limassol 3035 Cyprus






How do you post a job on Jooble?

Jooble does not allow you to post vacancies directly on the site. However, you can complete your job ad and submit an application via Jooble's website.

How can I remove my job post from Jooble?

You will need to remove your job post from the original website where it was published. Once you have done that, the removal will automatically synchronize with Jooble and your job post will no longer be visible on the platform.

Can Jooble target traffic to my job board?

Yes, Jooble gathers vacancies from a range of websites, including company career portals and job boards. You will need to provide an XML feed to set up Jooble's aggregator tool.

Is Jooble available around the world?

Jooble is available in 67 countries. To see which countries are included, go to Jooble and scroll through the list of mirrored sites by country.

Does Jooble offer employers assistance with interviews?

No, Jooble does not assist or provide guidance to employers on their interview process.

What types of jobs can I advertise on Jooble?

Jooble aggregates general job opportunities from all industries.

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