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Top Free Job Advertising Sites - UK:





Indeed is one of the largest and most successful job postings sites in the world. Over 3 million companies use Indeed to find qualified staff including The University of Oxford, Compare the Market, and McDonald's. Posting on Indeed is free with the option to pay for advertising boosts.

2.Find a Job

Find a job, previously known as Universal Jobmatch is a government-run job board for job seekers in England, Scotland, and Wales. Employers can post full-time or part-time positions for free.


Jora is one of the fastest-growing international free job posting sites. On Jora, job seekers can upload their CVs and search for jobs across the U.K. while employers can post up to 10 job ads for free each month or choose to sponsor their posts.


Facebook is the world's largest social media platform. Employers can use Facebook to post jobs on their company profile page and connect with qualified candidates.


Launched in 2011, Adzuna is a multinational job board that receives tens of millions of visitors every month. Adzuna uses smart matching technology to ensure that employers find the right candidates.

6.Google for Jobs

Have your job ads listed in Google search results by posting vacancies on your company website and adding structured data.


LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social media network. Employers can post jobs on their profile page for free or pay for advertising campaigns to target qualified candidates.


AngelList is a tech/startup hub where companies can find investors for their startup or recruit tech talent with free job postings.


WhatJobs? is a free U.K. job posting site with optional pay-per-click boosters. Job posts are shared with over 500 job boards and displayed on Google for jobs.


Are there any UK options to post tech jobs for free?

You can try Indeed and AngelList, both of which are fantastic options to advertise tech jobs for free.

Can employers advertise a job for free with the UK government?

Yes, you can make free job listings with the UK government through Find a Job. It's a great option for employers who want to try job board advertising for the first time.

What are the best free job boards for employers filling retail jobs?

Will I get quality applicants when advertising jobs for free?

This is probably the biggest reservation UK employers have when advertising a job for free. You need to have a really strong screening process that will enable you to assess your job applicants and filter out unsuitable candidates. Have a look at our guide on finding employees to learn more about securing the best job candidates.

How can I do background checks on my job applicants in the UK?

There are many UK companies that can assist you with conducting background checks on your job applicants. You can try UK Employee Checks and Experian. You can also view our guide on how to conduct background checks.

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