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Types of Pre-Employment Testing:

Pre-employment personality test.

A pre-employment personality test is designed to measure the personality traits of a potential employee and help determine if they're a good fit for the job and the company's culture.

Pre-employment math test.

Pre-employment math tests check an employee's math abilities. They may be used to test general skills required for almost any job, or specific skills that the job requires.

Pre-employment aptitude test.

Pre-employment aptitude tests check how candidates respond to specific situations and their ability to perform tasks, solve problems, think critically, learn, and apply their learning.

Pre-employment vocabulary test.

Pre-employment vocabulary tests are used to check a candidate's basic vocabulary, specific vocabulary that is needed for the job, and English proficiency for non-native speakers of the language.

Pre-employment skills testing.

Pre-employment skills testing measures a candidate's ability to perform essential work tasks needed for jobs in general, or for the specific job they're applying for.

Pre-Employment Testing Companies:


Tests Offered

Criteria Corp

Cognitive aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, risk, and skills.


Soft skills.


Personality, cognitive aptitude, hard skills, and situational judgment.


Attitude-values-personality, workstyle and performance, work values and attitude, safety quotient, driver safety, sports performance profile, leadership, and skills.


Cognitive ability, motivation, and personality.


Skills, behavioural, and cognitive aptitude.

The Hire Talent

Personality, job performance, and skills.

HR Avatar

Cognitive ability, knowledge, skills, personality, emotional intelligence, past behaviors, and workplace competencies.






What are the different types of pre-employment tests?

Yes, as long as employers test candidates only on topics that are directly related to the job.

Is pre-employment testing effective?

Yes. Pre-employment tests can be particularly effective only if the employer uses the most suitable test for their needs.

What is the purpose of pre-employment testing?

Pre-employment testing is used to evaluate potential employees for work skills, personality, language proficiency, emotional intelligence, and general knowledge. Drug testing can also be part of the pre-employment process in some instances.

Is pre-hire testing affordable for small businesses?

Yes. The cost of new hire testing can vary quite a bit, depending on what you need, but it is affordable when you consider the value of making a better hiring decision.

Can I get pre-employment testing for free online?

Yes, there are companies that offer free online employee testing, especially personality tests. These tests are usually limited in scope, and it's good to keep in mind that if they're online for free, it's likely that candidates are using them as practice tests.

Do employment screening tests really work?

No one should use a hiring test as the only measure of an employee. As one of several data points, including interviews, experience, presentation, etc., they can be useful in making a better final hiring decision.

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