Chapter 2

Indeed Job Posting: How To Drastically Increase Candidates

Posting Jobs On Indeed

Hiring? Then Indeed is impossible to ignore as a job board. 

What started as a job search engine not too long ago has become the biggest job site around, receiving 180 million unique visitors every month. Of course, this popularity raises its own question. How do you get people to pay attention to your job on such a popular board? 

Paying for a sponsored listing on Indeed will help, but we'll show you other ways to make sure your Indeed job posting gets noticed by great applicants. 

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These tips won't cost you anything, and take very little time to implement. 

We'll also walk you step-by-step through posting your first ad to Indeed. 

When you're writing a job ad that you want to post to a board, be sure that each section is written to include interesting, unique details about your company that make your job more attractive to candidates. Learn more about job ads here

How To Post Jobs On Indeed - with Screen Shots

Getting ready to post a job to Indeed for your first time? We've a step-by-step guide for you here.

1. Get started. Start off at, click "Employers/Post Job."

How to post to Indeed step 1.

2. Enter the text for your job ad. The advice we've already provided should help you out with writing a great ad.

How to post to Indeed step 2.

3. Add application questions. Applicants will be asked if they meet these requirements. Great for filtering out unqualified candidates, but be sure to only use requirements you really need. 

How to post to Indeed step 3.

4. Preview the job. You'll get to see what your job ad looks like so far, and make any changes.

How to post to Indeed step 4.

5. Account information. Indeed's registration form asks for some additional information about you and your company.

How to post to Indeed step 5.

6. Sponsor job. Or don't. Indeed has a cool slider to make your posting cost easy to figure out - we'll explain more about pricing in the next section

7. Add billing information.

How to post to Indeed step 7.

8. Add credit card information. 

How to post to Indeed step 8.

9. Additional company information. You can provide additional information about your company, and add a company logo. We recommend you do both. Describe the company by thinking about what an ideal candidate would be interested in learning. 

How to post to Indeed step 9.

10. That's it! On the final screen you can click to see your candidates, check your spending and budget, and change the ad status form "Open" to "Closed," or "Paused."

How to post to Indeed step 10.

Indeed Job Posting Costs and Posting for Free

If you decide to spend money and sponsor your Indeed post, the Indeed job posting cost is easy to figure out - in step 6 above, you'll get a slider to estimate how many applicants you'll get for the amount of money you spend. 

As you can see in the image below, spending $26.50 on my mock ad brought it up from an estimated 15 applications to 95 applications in a four week period.

If you'd rather post a free ad on Indeed, click "Post without sponsoring." According to Indeed, sponsored ads get 5 times more clicks. Continue to see how to sponsor an ad, or skip to step 9 if you opt for a free ad.

How to post to Indeed step 6.

Indeed Advertising Tips

Ok, a little more info before we get to showing you the nuts and bolts of posting. 

It's worth it to learn this first - it will bring in better candidates, and save you money if you decide to sponsor an Indeed job ad. 

Despite the fact that Indeed has been online since 2004, there are still a ton of opportunities to easily optimize your postings and stand out from all the other ads. 

Make Your Job Title and Summary Stand Out

Check out this image of postings for the position of product manager:

Indeed job post examples.

Not one of these titles or descriptions stands out to me. It's like a flock of white sheep parading by in a blizzard. I had to search Indeed for a bit to find any ads that sparked curiosity. Below you'll see one company that stood out:

Indeed job post examples 2.

Rather than just posting the position of "Sales Manager" they added a little information about the company - it's generic to me, anyone can claim to be fun - but it's more interesting than 99 percent of what you'll find. 

I also like the first sentence of their job description. I'm guessing that a lot of sales managers aren't given base salaries, but instead work solely on commission - so they're giving us something unique and attractive here. "Lucrative bonus plan" sounds interesting too. 

Make Your Ad About The Candidate

Now, let's have a look at a typical job description - what we see after we click on the title. 

Indeed director of sales job post example.

I actually cut more than half the bullet points out of that one, because I didn't want to bore you to death. The underlying problem here is that their post is just a list of things that the company wants. 

There is nothing here that even tries to address what the ideal candidate might want. 

I combed Indeed for way too long to find a job ad that actually tries to address anything the job seeker might be interested in. I finally found one looking for software developers - an area where employers are competing heavily.

The ad was fairly long, but here's a selection that illustrates a few of my points:

Indeed good job post.

"No one else out there does what we do," that's not for them, that's meant to get the candidates excited. They also include a quote from an outside source, giving you some proof that they're as cool as they say they are.

They add in a little information about the place in the "Who you are" section, mention that their work is ground-breaking in the "What you'll do" section, and keep the requirements down to very specific abilities that apply to this job in the "What you definitely have" section. 

There's nothing here you can't do with your own job ad. It just comes down to naming a few things that are exciting, interesting or fun about your company, from the applicant's perspective. For more tips on indeed check out this resource from Fits Small Business.

Are you ready? Indeed!

If you follow our instructions above, you'll not only be able to post to Indeed, you'll be able to easily stand head and shoulders above other job posters. 

If you want to make this process even easier, and spread the word even further, use our software to quickly post your job to Indeed and an additional 100+ job boards