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Glassdoor used to charge per job slot with pricing that started at $199.00 per slot. Since partnering with Indeed, employers must pay for a job posting on Indeed to have their job advertised on Glassdoor. Indeed's pricing starts at $5.00 per day with a pay-per-click pricing model.


What is Glassdoor used for?

Glassdoor is used as a job board by employers to find qualified employees. Job seekers use it to research potential employers and rate past ones.

Is Glassdoor legit?

Yes, Glassdoor is a legitimate job posting and review site that offers job postings through Indeed where paid job ads appear on both Glassdoor and Indeed.

Is Glassdoor free for job seekers?

Yes. Glassdoor is free for job seekers. Employers who want to post a job on Glassdoor are directed to Indeed who offer a free plan and pay-per-performance postings.

How does Glassdoor work?

Glassdoor is a job board and employer review site that allows employers to post jobs through their partner site Indeed. It also allows employees to post reviews of employers and salary information, and employers to manage their profiles on the site.

Can you remove a review from Glassdoor?

Employees can edit reviews that have been posted within the last 30 days if the employer has not responded to it. Employers cannot remove them, but can flag them if they think there are issues, and Glassdoor can review them.

How do you respond to a negative review on Glassdoor?

If you think it violates Glassdoor guidelines, flag it. Otherwise, be professional, thank them for taking the time to review you, and give a response with your audience - potential employees - in mind. Be sure to review grammar and spelling before posting.

How do you post a job on Glassdoor?

Since partnering with Indeed, Glassdoor no longer offers direct postings on their platform. To get your job advertised on Glassdoor, you must follow the steps to post a job on Indeed.

Is a Glassdoor job posting a good choice for me?

Glassdoor's site places a lot of emphasis on employer reviews. If your company has a lot of Glassdoor reviews it shows that people who work for you use it. If the ratings are positive, it makes sense to leverage those reviews and post your jobs on Glassdoor through the Indeed posting platform.

What are job slots?

Glassdoor no longer offers job slots since they partnered with Indeed. To advertise a job on Glassdoor, you must post a job on Indeed.

Which Glassdoor plan offers the best value?

Job postings on Glassdoor are now managed through Indeed.

How much does it cost to post a job on Glassdoor for a one-time posting?

Glassdoor used to offer one-time postings that started at $64.90 per post. Since partnering with Indeed, users can only advertise a job on Glassdoor by paying for a job post on Indeed.

Does Glassdoor post a job to other job boards too?

Yes, since partnering with Indeed, employers can only post a job on Glassdoor through the Indeed platform. All paid job posts are then displayed on Indeed as well as Glassdoor and many other Indeed partner sites.

How can I contact Glassdoor?

The Glassdoor Support Team can be contacted on 1 (888) 355-9323.

What is a Glassdoor review?

A Glassdoor review is a review of a company's overall work environment. Reviews are posted by current or former employees who can leave honest comments about salary, work conditions, promotion opportunities, and so on.

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