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Glassdoor vs. Indeed Comparison:

Since partnering, Glassdoor and Indeed have streamlined their sales and service experience and plan on making further changes to product experiences. However, they continue to maintain distinct brand identities. Glassdoor and Indeed user accounts also remain separate.

Users can no longer post jobs directly on the Glassdoor site but are redirected to Indeed where paid job ads are displayed on both sites. The benefit to users is enhanced reach.

While Indeed is a job search engine with a comprehensive range of features to help employers streamline their recruitment activities, Glassdoor is positioned as an employer branding solution. Both host a job board that job seekers can use to find and apply for jobs, but only Glassdoor makes it easy for job seekers to learn more about a company at a glance.

Glassdoor is a primary destination for job seekers to research and review companies, which makes it an equally attractive platform for employers to show off their brand and engage with job seekers. Glassdoor's employer branding solutions feature enhanced employer profiles, custom content, the ability to send review requests and respond to reviews, industry benchmark reports, and employer profile analytics.

By comparison, Indeed's employer branding solutions are not nearly as comprehensive. While Glassdoor gives employers the tools to uncover insights and use analytics to inform and manage their employer brand, Indeed helps businesses reach the right candidates with features, such as targeted job ads, targeted resume searches, and Indeed hiring events.





Resume Search


Free Job Posting


Free Employer Profile/Company Page

Employer Profiles/Company Pages

Affiliated/Nested Profiles


Country Enhanced Profiles


Featured Jobs

Featured Reviews

Employer Reviews

Review Requests


Activity Dashboard

Reporting & Analytics


When employers need to hire new candidates, they frequently turn to either Glassdoor or Indeed. Now that the two sites have partnered, employers can reach job seekers across both sites through Indeed’s paid job advertising products. Glassdoor sets itself apart with attractive features to help employers inform and manage their brand.


Is Indeed the same as Glassdoor?

No, although the platforms have partnered and combined some of their functions, they maintain distinct brand identities. Indeed is an employment search engine, whereas Glassdoor is a job site and platform that offers employer branding solutions and where current and former employees can review companies. Read our detailed comparison to learn more.

What is the price difference between Indeed and Glassdoor?

Since they have partnered, there is no price difference for paid job ads. Users can no longer post directly on the Glassdoor site but are redirected to Indeed where paid job ads are displayed on both sites.

Is Glassdoor owned by Indeed?

Glassdoor was acquired by Indeed's parent company in 2018. However, the two websites are still distinct.

Is Indeed more affordable than Glassdoor?

Indeed does allow for some free job postings, while only paid job ads are also displayed on Glassdoor.

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