The Best Job Search Sites

Read our list of the best job search sites in 2020

The Best Job Search Sites

August 31st, 2020

Looking for a job has become easier with access to online job boards that feature vacancies from employers across the globe. We have compiled a list of the best job boards for job seekers based on their popularity, ease of use, and filter options.

Why We Chose Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn:

Indeed is one of the most widely-used job boards by job seekers and employers. As the go-to job board for employers, you are guaranteed to find a wide variety of vacancies. You can refine your search based on location and contract type, and there is a company review section to find out what the work environment at some large companies is like.

Glassdoor is best-known for its employer reviews submitted by current and former employees. This helps candidates to get a real understanding of the company's management style and what kind of career growth they might have. The site also shows what people in similar roles earn.

LinkedIn is a social network aimed at professional connections, and users can follow companies to get updates when new positions become available. Users can search the jobs tab for vacancies that are relevant to their profiles and previous experience, as well as keywords.

The Best Job Search Sites:






Indeed is a standard job board with the ability to enter keywords and location, with the option to filter results by date, contract type, and location. It is the most trafficked job board in the United States.



Glassdoor posts vacancies as well as employer reviews from employees, giving applicants an idea of the management style and culture of the company.



While LinkedIn is also an excellent platform for connecting with professionals, many companies post job vacancies that can be saved to your profile.


Simply Hired

Simply Hired takes keyword input to find available jobs, but allows users to filter jobs by proximity, contract type, and date posted.



In addition to displaying jobs, CareerBuilder also offers a salary tool to compare salaries for similar jobs in your area.



Monster allows users to browse job by location or company, or to enter keywords manually for a more refined search.



For a general search, users can search for vacancies by keyword and location. Users can also create a profile for more relevant suggestions.



With a ZipRecruiter profile, employers can reach out to you directly and invite you to apply for a job.



Ladders aims to show the most well-paying positions and companies available.


Robert Half

Users upload their resume and Robert Half's staffing experts reach out to hiring managers.



Craigslist is not a dedicated job board and has a basic but effective filter for finding jobs by location and type.


The site allows you to upload your resume and contact employers directly regarding the hiring process. Using AI matching technology, the site recommends new vacancies.



LinkUp has no categories for searching, but uses job title and location input to filter results.



This job board specializes in, but is not limited to, jobs in the tech industry.

15. allows users to apply for positions in the federal government. There are categories for students, military spouses, the national guard, and veterans.


The jobs featured on this board are aimed at students and recent graduates looking for internships and entry-level positions.



Cleverism features advanced AI search filters to match employers and job seekers.

Indeed vs. Glassdoor vs. LinkedIn:

Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn are some of the most well-known job boards, and are equally matched in terms of features offered.

Indeed is one of the most widely-used job boards and has slightly more features than Glassdoor and LinkedIn. It has both a resume upload feature and job categories that LinkedIn and Glassdoor lack, respectively.

Glassdoor does allow candidates to upload their resume, but lacks job categories on the search portal page. In addition to standard job board features like keyword input, location filters, and the ability to upload your resume, the site also has the unique feature of displaying reviews about companies from current and previous employees.

While LinkedIn is a platform for connecting with other professionals, it also has a job tab that displays vacancies based on your LinkedIn profile information, keyword inputs, and location filters. The platform has also released a salary tool for select countries, allowing users to see the average salary for different roles.

Indeed vs. Glassdoor vs. LinkedIn Comparison:





Keyword Entry

Resume Upload


Salary Tool

Job Categories


Location Filter


What is the best site for job searching?

Where can I look for a job online?

You can search for a job online from various job boards like CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

What is the best way for an executive to find a job?

An executive can find higher-paying vacancies on job boards like Ladders and Robert Half.