Why We Chose SEEK, Adzuna, and CareerOne:

SEEK is one of the most recognized job boards in Australia, and job seekers have access to a wider range of job opportunities. SEEK also offers a range of tools, such as recommended jobs, career advice, and company reviews. There is also a page dedicated to online courses for upskilling.

Adzuna is a global job search site with a dedicated Australian presence. It helps job seekers to calculate the value of their resumes and make smart job matches based on their skill levels. Job seekers can also view salary statistics from across Australia.

CareerOne is a general job search site for Australian job seekers and employers. Job searches can be refined by location, category, popular jobs, and company, and job seekers can upload their resumes to receive smart matches with the best jobs for their skill sets. Job seekers can also view career advice and resume tips.

Best Job Search Sites in Australia:

01. SEEK

SEEK is one of the most popular job search sites in Australia, with over 26 million job seekers visiting the site each month. SEEK offers job seekers many benefits, including advanced search filters, company reviews, online courses, and career advice.

02. Adzuna

Adzuna was originally founded in the U.K. but now has offices in Sydney. The site is great for finding both local and international job vacancies. Adzuna users can upload their resumes for smart matching with the best job opportunities.

03. CareerOne

CareerOne encourages job seekers to upload their resumes and create a profile to get recommendations on jobs that match their skills. CareerOne also offers advanced search filters, career advice, and resume tips.

04. Careerjet

Careerjet is a useful search engine that aggregates job vacancies from job boards, recruitment agencies, and specialist recruitment websites. This means that job seekers can view a wide collection of job vacancies on one convenient platform.

05. Workforce Australia

Workforce Australia is sponsored by the Australian government and connects job seekers to vacancies all over Australia. They offer job search and application tips, as well as links to sites where job seekers can improve their skills.

06. Jora

Jora is part of the SEEK network and collects job vacancies from other sites. Job seekers can browse their wide variety of job vacancies, upload their resumes, and discover the average salaries for their preferred industry.

07. FlexCareers

FlexCareers helps job seekers to find flexible work that truly interests them and matches their skill sets. Job seekers can upload their resumes, get advice from a career coach, read about the different employers, and explore FlexCareers' blog posts.

08. GradConnection

GradConnection is the largest job search website for graduates in Australia. Job seekers will find scholarships, internships, part-time student jobs, entry-level jobs, and graduate jobs on GradConnection.

09. ArtsHub Jobs

ArtsHub is a job search and news site for the creative industries. Not only can job seekers browse available arts jobs, but they can learn more about the industry and keep up to date with events and news.

10. Recruit.net

Users of Recruit.net can post their resumes for employers to find, and they can browse job vacancies using the advanced search filters. Job seekers can also view a list of the companies around Australia that hire the most.

11. Backpacker Job Board

Backpacker Job Board features job vacancies for casual, seasonal, and full-time backpackers and travelers in Australia. Jobs range from fruit picking and farm work to healthcare and office jobs.

12. Indeed

Perhaps the most well-known job posting site in the world, Indeed is a global recruitment site for jobs from any industry. Australian job seekers can upload their resumes, browse vacancies, read company reviews, and compare salaries for various industries.

13. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking platform, but it does feature a jobs page. Job seekers can save job postings from their favorite companies to their profiles and receive notifications of future vacancies from those companies.

SEEK vs. Adzuna vs. CareerOne:

SEEK, Adzuna, and CareerOne are some of the most well-known job boards in Australia, and are equally matched in terms of features offered.

SEEK has a network of job boards, so job seekers can view a wide variety of job vacancies. SEEK allows users to upload their resumes or create a resume on their page, as does Adzuna and CareerOne. However, one of the benefits of SEEK not offered by Adzuna or CareerOne is their online courses page, where job seekers can improve their skills.

Adzuna offers many similar features to SEEK, including a salary statistics tool. However, they don't allow job seekers to browse vacancies by job category, which is a feature offered by both SEEK and CareerOne.

Users of CareerOne can take advantage of their advanced search filters and look for jobs based on location, category, company, or salary range. CareerOne also offers an extensive career advice blog, with news, advice, and templates.

Comparisons Between SEEK, Adzuna, and CareerOne:





Keyword entry

Resume upload

Salary tool


Job categories


Location filter


What is the best site to find jobs in Australia?

SEEK, Adzuna, and CareerOne are among the best job search websites in Australia. Read our detailed comparisons to learn more.

How do I look for a job in Australia?

You can search for a job online from various job boards.

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