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Best Software Engineer Job Boards:


Job Board



From C$325.00 /post.


From C$325.00 /post.


From C$330.00 /post.

4.BetaKit Jobs

From C$300.00 /post.

5.CIPS Job Board

From C$90.00 /post for members and C$300.00 /post for nonmembers.

6.OSPE Career Center

From C$250.00 /post for members and C$299.00 /post for nonmembers.




Free and paid options.


From US$495.00 /post.


From US$169.00 /mo.

11.Authentic Jobs

From US$149.00 /mo.


Free and paid options.



14.Job Bank



Free and paid options.

*Companies may offer discounted rates for monthly, annual, and bulk packages.

Hire Engineers

Top sites for hiring engineers in Canada.

Software Engineer Job Aggregators:


What are the best job boards for hiring software engineers in Canada?

Where can I find freelance software engineers in Canada?

Where can I find a software engineer in Canada?

How much do software engineers earn in Canada?

There is a very wide price range that is influenced by factors such as the education and experience of the software engineer, the size of the project, and the complexity of the job. The average salary for a software engineer in Canada is around C$67,000 per year.

What companies hire software engineers?

Software engineers can be hired by any company that has an online presence. Examples include Facebook, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

What advice do you have for businesses that need to hire a software engineer?

  • Ask candidates if you can see their portfolios. An experienced software engineer should be able to show you samples of work that they have done for other businesses or clients.
  • Find out what kind of qualifications your potential hire has. Did they go to college for formal training? Do they have any industry-recognized certificates? Achievements such as these will help you to determine whether they are properly trained.
  • Have a conversation about the project or projects that you need them to work on. Talking about your software engineering needs will give your candidates a chance to ask questions and figure out if your job is the kind of opportunity that suits them.

Which software engineer job boards are available in French?

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