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July 25th, 2019

XPat Jobs is an international job posting site that lists millions of job opportunities around that world. XPat Jobs is owned and operated by Amroth Media Ltd.

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How to Post a Job on XPat Jobs:

  1. Pay for the type of posting that you want.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Enter all of the job information into the posting.
  4. Review and click "Save."

Key Information:


Zaandam, The Netherlands

Phone Number

31 (75) 6150201


Oostzijde 328, 1508 EV Zaandam, The Netherlands




How much does XPat Jobs cost?

XPat Jobs plans range between €245.00 and €595.00 per month.

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How do I create an XPat Jobs account?

To create an account where you can manage XPat Jobs job postings, go to xpatjobs.com and click "Create account."

Learn how to post a job on XPat Jobs.

How can I edit an XPat Jobs job posting?

To edit your XPat Jobs job postings, log into your account and locate the postings in the "My Jobs" area. You can open a posting and make changes, then click "Save."

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How can I delete an XPat Jobs job posting?

To delete a posting, select the "delete" icon in your account next to the particular posting that you would like to remove.

How many countries does XPat Jobs advertise in?

XPat Jobs is an international platform that advertises jobs in 140 countries.

What are some XPat Jobs alternatives?