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  1. Log into your employer account.
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Barcelona, Spain

Phone Number

1 (34) 935-531-070


Edificio Testa, Avda. Alcalde Barnils 64- 68, Bloque D, 4ª planta, 08174- Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona


JobisJob FAQs:

How can I edit a JobisJob job posting?

To edit your JobisJob job postings, log into your employer account and open the posting(s) that you would like to edit. You can update the information and click "Save" to update the entire posting.

How can I delete a JobisJob job posting?

Select the posting you would like to remove from your list of jobs, open it, and click "delete."

How do I create a JobisJob account?

To create an employer account where you can manage JobisJob job postings, go to and click Employer solutions > Create an employer account.