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Single Job Posting

€199.00 /post.


€245.00 /mo. for 20 posts.


€395.00 /mo. for 100 posts.


€595.00 /mo. for 200 posts.


Pay per click.

All plans are priced in EUR.


Xpat Jobs' reach covers 140 countries, making it easy for Australian employers to find and recruit talented professionals abroad. With Xpat Jobs, employers immediately gain access to a vast network of job seekers that specialize in a range of industries.

However, when compared to local competitors, Xpat Jobs is the more costly option. In addition, the platform does not include advanced tools like live chat or video calling, which could impact hiring time and costs.


  • Job ads are valid for two months.
  • Xpat Jobs advertises a range of jobs in various categories and industries.
  • The Basic plan allows up to 20 job postings per month.
  • Job seekers can browse opportunities for free and filter their search by country, state, language, and/or profession.
  • Employers have the choice of browsing through an extensive resume database.
  • Xpat Jobs offers great bundle job posting packages.


  • All plans are priced in EUR.
  • Compared to local competitors like Locanto and SEEK, Xpat Jobs is the more expensive option.
  • The website does not offer language translation features.
  • There are no local Xpat Jobs offices located in the United States.
  • Customer support hours are not specified on the website.
  • The resume database is only included in the Enterprise plan.
  • Lacks remote interviewing tools like live chat and video calling.


Xpat Jobs is not BBB-accredited and there are no user reviews available online.

How to Post a Job on Xpat Jobs:

€395.00 EUR
20 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Xpat Jobs:

Follow our simple steps to post a job on Xpat Jobs.


Posting a Job on Xpat Jobs.


Click on "Post a Job."

Click on "Post a Job."

Navigate to the Xpat Jobs home page and click on "Post a Job."


Choose a package.

Choose a package.

Choose a package that suits your needs and select "Buy Now."


Enter your company information.

Enter your company information.

Fill in the requested information and click on "Sign Up." You will need to wait for communication from Xpat Jobs before you are able to post a job.


Enter the job information into the posting.

Enter the job information into the posting.

Describe the position and fill in all required information. When you are happy with the information provided, review and save your post.

Xpat Jobs vs. Locanto:

Xpat Jobs and Locanto are global job boards that also advertise real estate options. However, the two competitors have different target markets. While Locanto advertises part-time, freelance, and full-time jobs, Xpat Jobs was specifically designed for employers looking to hire expats from different countries.

Xpat Jobs vs. NoDesk:

Xpat Jobs and NoDesk both cater to an international job market and include standard job posting features like 60-day runtimes and email alerts. However, while Xpat Jobs advertises multilingual opportunities in different countries, NoDesk is predominantly seen as an English-speaking job board that only advertises remote-based work.

Xpat Jobs vs. SEEK:

SEEK and Xpat Jobs are both international job boards that target millions of employers and job seekers. However, SEEK outshines as the best option for Australian employers, thanks to its excellent exposure and popularity. Xpat Jobs, on the other hand, offers similar features as SEEK, but prices start at €199.00 for one job post.

Key Information

Legal Name

Xpat Jobs


Oostzijde 328, 1508 EV Zaandam, The Netherlands




0011 31 (75) 6150201




How much does Xpat Jobs cost?

Xpat Jobs' prices range between €199.00 and €595.00 per month, depending on the package you choose.

How do I create an Xpat Jobs account?

To create an account where you can manage Xpat Jobs job postings, go to xpatjobs.com and click "Create account."

How can I edit an Xpat Jobs job posting?

To edit your Xpat Jobs job postings, log in to your account and locate the postings in the "My Jobs" area. You can open a posting and make changes, then click "Save."

How can I delete an Xpat Jobs job posting?

To delete a posting, select the "delete" icon in your account next to the particular posting that you would like to remove.

How many countries does Xpat Jobs advertise in?

Xpat Jobs is an international platform that advertises jobs in 140 countries.

What are some Xpat Jobs alternatives?

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