Veterans Job Posting Sites

Veterans Job Posting Sites

July 29th, 2019

Veterans job posting sites are used by employers to reach men and women who have performed military service. There are many sites focused on this purpose.

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Top 10 Veterans Job Posting Sites:

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Free and paid options.


Google for Jobs




Free and paid options.




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Hire Heros USA

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What jobs are available for Veterans?

This depends a lot on what skills you developed during service, but skilled trades, education, healthcare, engineering, logistics, and criminal justice are all common areas for veterans to find work.

See our list of veterans job posting sites.

How do I employ a veteran?

You can find the policies and compliance notes on the US Department of Labor's website.

You can also use our list of veterans job posting sites.

Do employers get incentives for hiring veterans?

Hiring military veterans can earn your company tax credits. The Returning Heroes Tax Credit provides incentives of nearly $5,600 and the Wounded Warriors Tax Credit provides incentives of up to $9,600.

Read our list of veterans job posting sites.

What are the benefits of hiring a veteran?

Through their experience in the military, veterans have strong leadership and teamworking skills as well as proven abilities to work with diversity, and also have the proven ability to quickly learn new concepts and skills. Veterans work well under pressure, have integrity, and understand their place in an organization. You will also earn tax credits for hiring veterans.

To get started on hiring a veteran, see our list of veterans job posting sites.

How do I post a job for veterans?

You can post jobs for veterans by using niche websites like,, and VeteranJobListings. You can use our job posting template to help you write a compelling job posting.

Read our full list of veterans job posting sites.

Do you know where to post free jobs for veterans?

See our full list of veterans job posting sites.

Do you have tips on getting better results from job postings for veterans?

First, be sure that your salary and benefits are in line with market expectations. If they are, review your job posting. It should be written as if your ideal candidate were a customer you're trying to attract. Focus on the things that make your company great to work for and limit requirements to the necessary. Get more help with our job posting template.

Is it worth paying for ads on a veteran job posting site?

It can be. Try free veteran job posting sites first. If you don't get results from those, and you've already improved your job post to be focused on attracting great candidates, try paid job posting sites for veterans. You can figure out which is best for your region and profession by asking veterans you know which sites they use regularly.

See our list of veterans job posting sites.