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NLx is a nonprofit organization that works to distribute job posts to a larger audience while still prominently keeping the business's identity. Employers are provided with free and paid posting options and a simple posting process.


  • NLx guarantees job seekers that all job posts are collected from authentic sources.
  • Job seekers will be redirected to the job post's point of origin, regardless of where they find the post.
  • NLx will increase traffic to job posts while maintaining the prominence of the brand.
  • Through NLx, employers will be able to share their job posts to state, federal, and nonprofit sites.
  • NLx offers employers access to the DirectEmployers Association, where they will receive help in making their career site the best it can be.
  • The NLx site is simple and straightforward to navigate.
  • NLx offers a free and paid plan.
  • The job posting process is simple.
  • NLx does not only focus on Veterans, but also on diversity hires, disability hires, and remote and virtual jobs.


  • NLx only offers two posting plans.
  • There are no additional upgrades available, such as social media sharing, applicant tracking, or featured posts.
  • There are no bulk posting options available.


We were unable to find online reviews for National Labor Exchange at this time.

National Labor Exchange vs. VeteranJobListings.com:

While both NLx and VeteranJobListings.com feature both free and paid posting options, VeteranJobListings.com also offers a variety of extra features, such as featured listings, social media promotion, and employer branding. However, NLx allows employers access to candidate resumes, which VeteranJobListings.com lacks.

National Labor Exchange vs. RecruitMilitary:

Unlike NLx, RecruitMilitary does not offer employers a free posting option. Job post pricing for RecruitMilitary starts at $399.00 per post, which is higher than NLx. However, RecruitMilitary offers employers recruitment resources on their site, whereas NLx only makes these resources available to DirectEmployers Association members.

National Labor Exchange vs. HotJobs.vet:

Both NLx and HotJobs.vet offer free job posting options, however, posts on HotJobs.vet are only valid for 14 days. NLx, on the other hand, varies their job posting time frame by state. Both sites lack any job post upgrades or bulk posting options.

Key Information

Legal Name

The National Labor Exchange (NLx)

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2007


7602 Woodland Drive, Suite 200 Indianapolis, IN 46278




1 (866) 268-6206




What is the U.S. National Labor Exchange?

The U.S. National Labor Exchange (NLx) is a nonprofit job board for veterans, diversity hires, people with disabilities, and those looking for remote work. The site collects job postings from corporate sites and state agencies and distributes them on the NLx network, but employers can also post directly to the network.

What are the National Labor Exchange services?

  • Providing minority groups in the U.S. with an authentic platform for job posts.
  • Providing employers and state agencies with a wider target audience.
  • Hosting a membership for employers to help them improve their career sites.

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