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The Muse

November 9th, 2020

The Muse is a job posting site that also offers skill-building services and advice for job-seekers. The website tries to give candidates a good understanding of the company they would like to apply to, creating a more informed application process.


The Muse only provides pricing information when you sign up as an employer.


The Muse is an excellent resource for both employers and candidates because the site allows employers to create a detailed profile, informing candidates about who the featured companies are.


  • Employers can create a profile page.
  • The site helps companies to build a profile that will attract candidates.
  • The site verifies stories from employees to ensure that the information is accurate.
  • There are 7 million monthly users.
  • Candidates are offered free resources and advice.
  • There are detailed filters for defining and searching for jobs.


No pricing information is available online, which makes the process of deciding to use this job board more lengthy.


The Muse assists employers with creating an attractive but honest profile that gives candidates a better understanding of who they are. The site also prepares candidates by providing advice, making them more prepared for the hiring process.



The Muse


Not listed.

Company profiles.

Employee stories.

Advice for candidates.

Website reach.

7 Million users.

The Muse vs. Indeed
The Muse vs. Indeed:

Indeed is arguably the biggest job board online with 250 million users and almost 10 jobs posted per second. The Muse is far smaller but provides a similar range of services.

The Muse vs. Indeed Comparison:


The Muse



Not Listed.

Free plan available, or paid plans from $5.00 /day.

Company profiles.

Site reach.

7 Million users.

250 Million.

Number of jobs listed.

More than 130,000.

9.8 per second.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Daily Muse Inc.


Kathryn Minshew


July 2011

Number of Employees





How does The Muse make money?

The Muse charges employers to post jobs and a profile on their site.

How much does The Muse charge for posting a job?

The Muse does not advertise their pricing, but employers can sign up to receive pricing information.

What is The Muse?

The Muse is a job board and career center. The site advertises jobs, showcases company profiles, and offers advice for job-seekers.