The Ultimate New Hire Checklist (Set New Employees Up for Success)

New Hire Checklist

Hiring a new employee is a crucial moment for any company. 

The first days after a new employee starts will set the tone for their time with your company, and determine if your investment in a new hire will pay off.

We’ve put together a detailed checklist to help you start off right with your new hires. Below you’ll see the big picture items to check off your list, and each one is a chapter itself, full of tips and resources. 

It’s an easy way to make sure you nail the last stage of your hiring process.

Bonus:  Download a new hire checklist you and/or your team can use for every new hire you make. Completely customizable with your company name, information, logo and more. 

Welcome New Hire
Chapter 1

11 Job Orientation Tips To Jumpstart Your New Employee's Career

Everyone has heard the saying about first impressions. And we’ve all heard it for a reason - it’s important. Our 11 tips will help you create a much better, more fun orientation, with some great tips and tricks included. We do it step-by-step, so you can put these into practice in a few minutes.

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Filling Out New Hire Forms
Chapter 2

Essential New Hire Forms: The Complete List

There’s no way around it! Some paperwork will need to be done for new hires. The list can potentially be long, and missing anything can cause problems for employers and employees. We’ve got a comprehensive resource guide to help you get it all done, and answer questions you and your new hire may have.

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New Employee Training
Chapter 3

The Secret of Training New Employees for Long Term Success

Most jobs require some training for employees to get started. The better organized the training is, the more likely it will be successful long term. Great training reduces employee frustration by helping new hires be productive more quickly. We’ve got resources to help you train better, learn about the latest trends in training, and get strategic with your training.

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Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct Training
Chapter 4

Professional Ethics and Code Of Conduct Training

Make sure new hires know all the legal and ethical issues surrounding their job, both to protect your company and to make employees more comfortable by knowing where the boundaries are. We’ve got some interesting resources for this, including information on punk rock ethics and Google’s work with “unbiasing.”

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Workplace Safety
Chapter 5

Workplace Safety: A Guide to Health and Security in the Digital Era

Depending on the job, and the state it’s being done in, health and safety training may be a legal requirement. Even if it’s not a requirement, it may be worth it to look into health and safety training for your new hires. How worth it? One company in Texas saved more than $1 million dollars by spending $50,000 on safety training. Use our checklist to make sure you get the most out of health and safety training.

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Compensation and Benefits
Chapter 6

Explaining Compensation and Benefits to New Hires [Infographic]

Money isn’t everything, but it’s important. Learn how to make compensation and benefits understandable for new hires, so you can more easily attract and retain employees. Also, check out this timely infographic about the 2016 state of benefits and compensation in the U.S.

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Work Culture Tips
Chapter 7

7 Work Culture Tips - Fun Ways to Fire Up New Hires

Ok, now that we’ve gotten all that out of they way, time for the fun stuff! We’ve got 7 tips that will help break the ice with new hires and get them to feel like part of the team. It may just sound like fun and games - and sometimes it should be fun and games. But 28 percent of millennials quit their jobs because they don’t feel connected to the company. Use these tips to help get them integrated.

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