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  • Criminal background report for most jurisdictions.

  • Pay-per-use, no setup or hidden fees.

  • Built-in applicant identity verification.

Best Background Check Services:

01. ShareAble

From $25.00 /report.

02. GoodHire

Contact for quote.

03. Sterling

From $29.95 /check.

04. HireRight

Contact for quote.

05. Disa Global Solutions

Contact for quote.

06. Accurate

From $30.99 /report.

07. Data Facts

Contact for quote.

08. SentryLink

From $19.95 /report.


From $29.95 /order report.

10. Trusted Employees

From $29.95 /screening.

11. HireSafe

From $24.00 /screening.

12. IntelliCorp

Contact for quote.

13. Better Future


14. Employers Choice Screening

From $24.99 /check.


From $21.95 /check.

16. Universal Background Screening

Contact for quote.

17. VerifiedFirst

Contact for quote.

18. TruthFinder

From $4.99 /mo.


What does a background check cost?

Background checks cost between $19.00 and $80.00. The cost of a background check depends on how much information an employer seeks, and how fast it needs to be done. Credit checks, license verification, and job history verification usually cost extra.

What is the price range for background check services?

Background check services can cost between $19.95 and $59.95 per use, or more, depending on how many checks you need to perform, and how deep the background check needs to go.

What is the best background check site for companies that need to do a lot of checks?

Background check companies allow you to buy your criminal background checks on a subscription basis, which will save you money if you need to do several background checks each month.

What is the best background check service for hiring security guards?

How can I be sure I'm using a reputable background check company?

There have been some less than reputable companies offering employment background checks. Before you buy, see how background check reviews have ranked companies and check that there aren't serious complaints with the BBB.

Also, take note of the latest news from the FTC regarding background check companies. Background checks for employment have also been used to target employers for subscription traps. Basically, your company is tempted into starting a monthly subscription and then finds it impossible to cancel.

Are background check services affordable for small businesses?

Yes, in general, they're not that expensive, and you can do a fairly cheap background check if you don't need to include multiple states in the criminal background check. Pricing for a background check typically starts at around $19.95 per check.

How can I be sure I'm getting a comprehensive background check?

Most websites will actually give you add-on options so that you can decide how comprehensive you want your background check to be. GoodHire's premium service, for example, checks county criminal courts, verifies education credentials, and checks work history.

Are there any free background check services?

Yes. Better Future is a free background-checking service that is free of charge. Check out our article on free background check services to learn more.

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