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Agoodemployee Com is a FCRA compliant provider of pre-employment background screening and background check services. does criminal and employment history reports, academic verifications, identity verification, and fraud detection.

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Check Applicant's Background Now

Employment screening in minutes, not days. Get fast, reliable reports so you can hire today.


Pay-per-use, no setup fees, hidden fees, or subscriptions.

Criminal background report covering nearly all jurisdictions.

Start screening immediately.

Agoodemployee Com summary Summary:

Pros: User-friendly and compliant with industry and legal standards.

Cons: The design of the software is not as modern as other platforms.

Bottomline: is a reliable background check solution, in large part because the company has been in operation for decades. Pricing:

Plan Name



$29.95 per report


$49.95 per report


$79.95 per report


$199.95 per report

Volume Reports

Contact for pricing.


What is's price range?

Depending on which plan you choose, will cost your business between $29.95 and $199.95 per report. offers special pricing for volume reports, and they offer a wide range of add-on reports.

Is there an free trial? makes no mention of a free trial on their website.

Where can I find the login?

Visit and log in at the top right of the page.

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Calabasas, CA

Phone Number

1 (855) 361-1667


23801 Calabasas Rd #1022, Calabasas, CA 91302

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