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  • Criminal background report for most jurisdictions.
  • Pay-per-use, no setup or hidden fees.
  • Built-in applicant identity verification.





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AGoodEmployee.com is a reliable background-checking solution, in large part because the company has been in operation for over 20 years. The platform offers comprehensive screening services, including identity verification, drug screening, and sex offender searches, among others.

Employers can purchase one of the platform's screening packages, or build their own package based on their specific needs. The organization has a wealth of experience in conducting background checks and the platform is easy to use.


  • AGoodEmployee.com is user-friendly and compliant with industry and legal standards.
  • The platform's screening reports integrate with existing applicant tracking systems.
  • The service has quick turnaround times for reports, with some reports being instantly available.
  • The organization offers customized screening solutions to suit various companies and needs.
  • Customers have the option of building their own screening packages based on their specific needs.
  • AGoodEmployee.com has over 20 years of background screening experience.
  • The platform is more affordable than competitors, such as Crimcheck and HireRight.


  • The platform does not offer any free screening services.
  • The design of the software is not as modern as other platforms.
  • The service lacks social media analysis.


There are a limited number of customer reviews for AGoodEmployee.com online. That said, it is one of our top-ranking platforms, and PCMag.com gave AGoodEmployee.com a 3 out of 5-star rating. Furthermore, the platform was praised for its user-friendliness and quick turnaround time. The organization also boasts handpicked testimonials on its home page.





$29.95 /report.


$49.95 /report.


$79.95 /report.


$199.95 /report.

Volume Reports

Contact for quote.

*AGoodEmployee.com also offers a range of additional screening features that can be added to the various packages.

How to Conduct a Background Check:

$29.95 USD
10 Minutes
How to Conduct a Background Check:

Two easy steps for conducting a background check on AGoodEmployee.com.


Conducting a background check on AGoodEmployee.com.


Create an account.

Create an account.

Navigate to AGoodEmployee.com and click on "GET STARTED." On the following page, click on "create account."

Complete the account registration form by providing the required details.

Select that you've read and understand the service agreement. Then, click on "CONTINUE."


Obtain approval from AGoodEmployee.com.

Obtain approval from AGoodEmployee.com.

Once you've successfully created an account, your details will be verified by AGoodEmployee.com's team. Once your account has been approved and fully activated, you can start conducting background checks.

AGoodEmployee.com vs. Sterling:

Sterling caters to multiple international regions, whereas AGoodEmployee.com is focused primarily on the U.S. That said, Sterling has received a number of complaints, making AGoodEmployee.com the more trustworthy option. While Sterling does not reveal its pricing, AGoodEmployee.com is competitively priced at $29.95 for a basic check.

AGoodEmployee.com vs. Crimcheck:

Both Crimcheck and AGoodEmployee.com boast software integrations with a number of applicant tracking systems. While Crimcheck does not provide pricing, research suggests it's the costlier choice. In comparison, AGoodEmployee.com's pricing starts at $29.95 per report. That said, both platforms are easy to use.

AGoodEmployee.com vs. HireSafe:

Both HireSafe and AGoodEmployee.com have over 20 years of experience in conducting employee background checks. Both platforms are FCRA-compliant and offer ATS integrations. HireSafe is the less affordable option, charging $49.00 for a basic profile, making AGoodEmployee.com's $29.95 per report price tag more appealing.

Key Information

Legal Name



23801 Calabasas Rd., Ste. 1022, Calabasas, CA 91302




1 (855) 361-1667




Is AGoodEmployee.com legit?

Yes, AGoodEmployee.com is an FCRA-compliant provider of pre-employment background screening services.

What is AGoodEmployee.com's price range?

Depending on which plan you choose, AGoodEmployee.com will cost your business between $29.95 and $199.95 per report. AGoodEmployee.com offers special pricing for volume reports, and they offer a wide range of add-on reports.

Is there an AGoodEmployee.com free trial?

AGoodEmployee.com makes no mention of a free trial on its website.

How long does AGoodEmployee.com pre-employment background screening usually take?

While some background checks can be done instantly, others can take 2-7 days. The waiting period will depend on the complexity of the background check.

Are there any alternatives to AGoodEmployee.com?

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