ShareAble Key Information, Pricing, and FAQs

Read about ShareAble background check software. Includes FAQs.

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August 4th, 2020

ShareAble is an employee background check solution from TransUnion. With ShareAble businesses can check an applicant's background in just minutes and confidently access records that help them to know more about the candidate.

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Check Applicant's Background Now

Employment screening in minutes, not days. Get fast, reliable reports so you can hire today.


Pay-per-use, no setup fees, hidden fees, or subscriptions.

Criminal background report covering nearly all jurisdictions.

Start screening immediately.


Type of Background Check


Background Check Basic


Background Check Plus


Background Check Pro



Pros: Generates detailed reports with instant criminal data from 46 States.

Cons: A pro background check with detailed credit history costs $60.00.

Bottomline: ShareAble for hires does the work for you so that you can hire quickly and confidently.

Key Information:

Parent Company





Chicago, Illinois


James M. Peck

Phone Number

1 (855) 681-3196


555 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60661



What is the price range for ShareAble for hires?

The Transunion ShareAble for hires platform has three pricing options: $60.00 for the "Pro" background check, $40.00 for "Plus", and $25.00 for the "Basic" background check.

Is there a ShareAble free trial?

ShareAble does not offer a free trial at this time. They did offer free checks in July 2020 as a limited time offer.

How long does a ShareAble background check take?

You will have access to a ShareAble criminal record check report within minutes of your applicant authenticating their ID electronically and the potential employee consenting to the check.

Can you use ShareAble for credit checks?

If you purchase a Pro background check from ShareAble, you can access an applicant's credit history in order to learn more about them.

Are there any ShareAble alternatives?

See our full list for more information.