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  • Criminal background report for most jurisdictions.

  • Pay-per-use, no setup or hidden fees.

  • Built-in applicant identity verification.



Monthly Pricing*

1 Month Membership


3 Month Membership


*BeenVerified may offer discounted rates for monthly membership packages. These figures do not include the added sales tax.


BeenVerified is not a free background checking service, but it is more affordable than many competing solutions. Its biggest shortcoming is its ineligibility as an employee background checking tool, as it can only be used for personal research and not for conducting background checks on employees or potential new hires.


  • Members can run up to 100 background checks every month.
  • Background checks are detailed and include contact information, criminal records, and more.
  • BeenVerified offers full refunds to users who are unhappy with their reports.
  • Customer support is available between 6 am and 11:30 pm EST.
  • Users cite a responsive customer support as very helpful.
  • There are desktop and mobile applications for convenient access.
  • Running a background check is easy and intuitive.


  • There are no free options.
  • BeenVerified cannot be used to research employees as it is not a consumer reporting agency per the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Since people aren't notified when a check is run on them, there is nothing stopping employers from screening potential hires.
  • Users cannot pay per report. They have to subscribe to the service and pay a monthly membership fee.
  • Memberships will automatically renew each month unless users cancel their memberships before the start of the next month.
  • Competing services such as Better Future offer the same value at no cost at all.


Sitejabber gives BeenVerified 2.9 out of 5 stars based on over 300 reviews, Consumer Affairs gives them 4.3 out of 5 stars based on over 70 reviews, and Trustpilot gives them 1.5 out of 5 stars based on over 480 reviews.

BeenVerified customers typically complain about information being inaccurate, long waiting times for reports to be generated, and dubious business practices such as charging users after a subscription has already been canceled. They also cite responsive customer service and a high volume of reports as company strong points.

How to Do a Background Check on BeenVerified:

$26.89 USD
15 Minutes
How to Do a Background Check on BeenVerified:

Eight easy steps to do a personal background check using BeenVerified.


Conducting a background check with BeenVerified.


Go to the BeenVerified home page.

Go to the BeenVerified home page.

Navigate to


Choose a search type.

Choose a search type.

Choose between a People Search, Phone Lookup, Vehicle Search, and others. Select "People Search," then add in the relevant information in the text fields and click on "Search."


Add location details.

Add location details.

Choose a city and state. This will narrow down the search criteria. You can choose to skip this step if you don't have that information. Click on "Continue."


Add age details.

Add age details.

Include information about the person's age and if they have a middle name. Skip this step if you don't know.


Select the information you want.

Select the information you want.

Select multiple options, including contact information, criminal records, assets, and more. Skip this step if you wish and select the checkbox on the next page, followed by "I Agree." Your request might take a few minutes to process.


Enter your email address.

Enter your email address.

Submit your email address in order to receive reports. Then, enter your first and last name in order to create your account and click on "Submit."


Choose a membership option.

Choose a membership option.

Choose between the two membership plans.


Choose a payment option.

Choose a payment option.

Scroll down the same page to find a list of online payment processors and choose one. If you've chosen to pay with a credit or debit card, enter your payment details in the correct fields. Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, and click on "View Results."

BeenVerified vs. ShareAble:

ShareAble affords users the option to pay per individual report, while BeenVerified users can download 100 reports per month with a monthly subscription. Both platforms offer detailed background reports but only ShareAble can be used to conduct employee background checks, making it the better choice for businesses.

BeenVerified vs. Better Future:

The key difference between Better Future and BeenVerified is that the former only allows users to conduct background searches on individuals, whereas BeenVerified lets users find information on anyone. Both services provide detailed reports, yet Better Future does so for free, while BeenVerified requires a monthly subscription.

BeenVerified vs. GoodHire:

While BeenVerified only offers personal background checks and not employee checks, GoodHire offers both personal and employee checks for making new hires. GoodHire charges per report, while BeenVerified lets users make 100 background checks for a monthly subscription fee.

Key Information

Legal Name

BeenVerified, Inc.


Josh Levy

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2007


48 W. 38th St., 8th Fl., New York, NY 10018



1 (866) 885-6480



Is BeenVerified legit?

BeenVerified appears to be legitimate, although there are some genuine concerns. For one, BeenVerified simply aggregates information that can be found online for free, puts the information into a report, and then charges you for the service.

How much is BeenVerified?

The BeenVerified price plans start at $22.86 per month.

Is a free service?

BeenVerified is not a free service and does not offer a free trial.

BeenVerfied states that you can run background checks through privacy-friendly public record searches, although according to FCRA laws, BeenVerified is not a consumer reporting agency and thus cannot be used for employment or tenant screening.

Is BeenVerified safe to use?

Although there are many reviews citing incorrect information in reports and criminal records that did not match the intended profile, there has been no reporting of information theft or data breaches.

How do you cancel BeenVerified?

You can call BeenVerified's customer service at 1 (866) 885-6480 or email to initiate the cancellation process.

Are there any restrictions when using BeenVerified?

Yes. BeenVerifed may not be used to determine a person's eligibility for employment, insurance, credit, loans, education, housing, or similar as this is in violation of both the law and BeenVerified's Terms and Conditions. Users who contravene these rules may have their accounts terminated and/or reported to the relevant authorities.

Can I use BeenVerified to search for people from other countries?

No, BeenVerified's search records are only within the U.S.

Will the people I search for be notified by BeenVerified?

BeenVerified reports are confidential and the people that are searched will not receive any notification.

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