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VerifiedFirst is an employee background check solution for businesses. With VerifiedFirst, employers can perform criminal records checks, drug screening, and more.

VerifiedFirst Pricing:

The company does not provide any pricing information on their website. However, you can contact VerifiedFirst directly to request a quote.

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Pay-per-use, no setup fees, hidden fees, or subscriptions.

Criminal background report covering nearly all jurisdictions.

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VerifiedFirst Summary:

Pros: Fast background checks. Easy-to-use software.

Cons: Fast turnaround sometimes means reports aren't as accurate or detailed as competitors'.

Bottomline: An efficient background checking solution for small businesses with basic record-checking needs.

VerifiedFirst Key Information:


Devon Dickinson, Tommy Cheng




Meridian, ID


Devon Dickinson

Phone Number

1 (888) 670-9564


1550 South Tech Lane, Suite 200, Meridian, ID 83642


VerifiedFirst FAQs:

How long does it take to get a background check using VerifiedFirst?

According to SMBGuide research, most users are able to obtain a report in less than 24 hours.

How do I request a background check for a job applicant?

You can request a background check through your VerifiedFirst account.

Is there a VerifiedFirst free trial?

Unfortunately, no free trial version is available. Users must pay for each background check.

Where is the VerifiedFirst login page?

You can log into your VerifiedFirst account by clicking the "Login" button at the top of the homepage. If you don't have an account, click "Get Started."

What are some VerifiedFirst alternatives?

VerifiedFirst Reviews:



Brent Mellow -

Zero complaints and the VerifiedFirst team was very helpful in getting up and running.

Josh Schmidt -

Terrible pricing platform, they charge you for every county search they have to do on one of your applicants! So instead of charging a flat fee... like everyone else? So it doesn't matter that you have no idea how many things may be on a potential employees background, but they will charge you for each and every one of them! Terrible company! I'll never work with them again! Stay away!