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  • Criminal background report for most jurisdictions.
  • Pay-per-use, no setup or hidden fees.
  • Built-in applicant identity verification.


IntelliCorp's pricing is not available on their website.


Pros: Information provided is always accurate and reliable.

Cons: Pricing options can be expensive.

Bottomline: IntelliCorp provides a detailed candidate profile with a history of high accuracy, along with an interface that is easy to navigate.

Key Information

Legal Name

IntelliCorp Records, Inc.


3000 Auburn Drive, Suite 410, Beachwood, OH, 44122


1 (216) 450-5200



Free Background Check Services

Information about free background check services, and a step-by-step guide to doing your own.


Is there an IntelliCorp free trial?

There is no information on an IntelliCorp free trial.

Do I need a business license to open an IntelliCorp account?

Yes. IntelliCorp is a business-to-business service only.

What do I need to open an IntelliCorp account?

You will need a copy of a valid business license and your taxpayer ID number.

How long does an IntelliCorp background check take?

IntelliCorp's background check usually takes between 3 and 5 working days.

Does IntelliCorp require a contract?

Yes. For particular products, such as Credit and Motor Vehicle Reports, IntelliCorp requires contracts. However, new clients are not required to sign any contracts for general access to the IntelliCorp system.

What are some IntelliCorp alternatives?

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