Timesheet Template

Time Sheet Template

March 20th, 2020

A timesheet template is a simple table that employers and employees can use to keep track of hours worked. This can be useful for payroll and tracking overtime.

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Timesheet Template Download - PDF

Download a printable, editable timesheet template form in PDF format. Need it in Word or Excel? Scroll down.

Download Timesheet Instant download. No email required.

That should help you start using timesheets to track employee hours right away, and help you simplify payroll, keep it more organized, and more trustworthy. Still have some questions? We've got answers to the most frequently asked questions about timesheets below.

If you're interested in software for automating and simplifying the process, check out this guide to free time and attendance software.

Timesheet Template Download - Word

Download a printable, editable timesheet template form in Microsoft Word format.

Download Timesheet Instant download. No email required.

Need an Excel version of this timesheet? A lot of people find this format for timesheets handy. We've got that for you as well.

Timesheet Template Download - Excel

Download a printable, editable timesheet template form in Excel format.

Download Timesheet Instant download. No email required.


When Should You Use A Timesheet Template

When is the appropriate time for me to use a timesheet template?

If you don't use some form of payroll software or other digital time management for your workforce, a timesheet will be very useful for you. It is often easier for a small business with few employees to use a template.

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What Should Your Timesheet Template Contain

What kind of information should my timesheet template contain?

It should have an area for employee name, ID number, and position. It should also have a table with a row for each day of the week, and columns for the date, start time, end time, regular hours, and overtime hours. Finally, it should have a place for the employee and the supervisor to sign.

TIP: If you are working with an independent contractor, and are paying them for completing the project, rather than by the hour, you're best off not asking them to fill out a timesheet, as it could make it appear that they're an employee, rather than a contractor.

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Not really, other than what we mentioned about using contractor timesheets.

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Is it fine to let employees fill out their time sheet form digitally?

Yes. Employees can even fill one out via their smartphone, if necessary. This can be useful for employees who don't work at a fixed job site. While it's possible for them to open a timesheet in Excel on their phone, it may be simpler to send it via Google Sheets. Timesheets in Excel won't be editable unless employees have the Excel app, whereas anyone can use Google Sheets for free.

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How do I create a timesheet?

The easiest way to create a timesheet for your employees is to use one of the templates above. You can add/modify information in the rows and columns as needed.

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Is it a good idea to use free time sheets?

Timesheet forms are pretty simple, so there's no reason a free timesheet should lack the quality of a purchased one. Beyond free timesheets, you may want to look at payroll software with time tracking as a paid solution that offers more features.

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Can I edit your timesheet PDF?

Yes, you can edit any of our free timesheets, but for PDFs you need editing software. You may be better off using our Word or Excel timesheet download if you do not have editing tools.

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How should I calculate hours between two times?

If you are calculating shift hours manually, you can use military time to come up with the number of hours worked in a day. For example, if an employee started at 8:00 and finished at 16:00, they worked an 8-hour shift. You can determine this using simple subtraction: 8 - 16 = 8.

If you want to use an excel formula in your timesheet to find the number of hours worked, you can use the formula =TEXT(B2-A2, "h").

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How do you keep track of work hours?

Alternatives to timesheets include:

  • Using a mobile attendance system.
  • Using wall-mounted card swipes.
  • Using attendance software that is easy for employees to use.
  • Using bio-metric systems that capture fingerprints and do retina scans.

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How do I calculate weekly work hours in Excel?

  1. Enter "Time In" in cell A1.
  2. Enter "Time Out" in cell B1.
  3. Enter "Hours Worked" in cell C1.
  4. Open the Format Cells dialog box by selecting cells A2 and B2 and pressing CTRL1.
  5. In the Number tab, choose Time from the Category list, choose 1:30 PM from the Type list, and select OK.
  6. Right-click cell C2 and select Format Cells.
  7. In the Number tab, choose Time from the Category list, choose 13:30 from the Type list, and select OK.
  8. Enter this formula in cell C2: =IF(B2<A2,B2+1,B2)-A2.

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