Time Off Request Form

Time Off Request Form

When an employee needs to request time off for any reason, such as a vacation, sickness, bereavement, military duty, etc., a time off request form can be used to formally document the employee request and management’s response.

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Time Off Request Policy
Time Off Request Policy:

To request time off, employees must fill out a time off request form and turn it in to their supervisors 14 days prior to the beginning of the proposed time off period. Requesting time off with the proper procedures does not guarantee time off. Supervisors must first give approval.

Time Off Request Form:

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Paid Time Off Policy

Paid time off may be accrued by employees over the course of each year and the amount accrued may increase with each year of employment. Paid time off can be used at the employee's discretion, as long as proper notice is given, a time off request form is turned in, and a direct supervisor approves it.


Can employees take unpaid time off?

This depends on your company policy, but unpaid time off is typically granted when an employee has used up their paid or sick leave and has requested time off to handle unusual circumstances in their life. Unpaid leave is not covered under a company's sick leave, paid leave, or paid time off.