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Employee Write-Up Form Download — MS Word

Download a printable, editable employee warning form in Microsoft Word format.

Download Form

Having an employee write-up form is a great start to properly dealing with employee discipline issues, and if this is the final written warning, potentially with a termination. The employee disciplinary action form is often the first piece of evidence asked for in any employment dispute.

Below we've got answers to the most frequently asked questions about employee write-up forms.

Used properly, an employee write-up template can help you avoid having to take disciplinary measures and reduce turnover by helping employees get on track. It is now standard practice to complete an employee warning notice when infractions have occurred.

You can use our employee write-up form as is, or you can treat it like a written warning template and customize it to make one that fits your business needs.

We've got all the basic info you'll want to include in your own form listed below.

Filing Disciplinary Action Forms.

Create a proper filing system for your disciplinary action forms so that they are easily accessible to all managers.

Employee Write-Up Form Download — PDF

Download a printable, editable employee write-up form in PDF format.

Download Form

When filling out an employee write-up form, stick to objective facts. Just describe the events that occurred. For example, rather than saying that an employee was "being disrespectful," detail the language or actions they took that were disrespectful.

That should be everything you need to create and start using a credible and defensible written warning form. See our FAQs below for more info. Need to start looking for some new employees? Check our guide to free job posting sites.

Disciplinary Action

Includes a policy, explanation of the process, and answers to common questions.


Is refusing to sign a write-up insubordination?

No, there is no law that states that an employee must sign a write-up form, however, employers may need proof that an employee has received it. In many cases, employees refuse to sign written warnings because they do not agree with them.

To avoid this situation, include a line on the write-up stating that the employee acknowledges it, but does not necessarily agree with its contents, and provide an area for the employee to sign. If the employee still refuses to sign, you can ask them to write a rebuttal and attach it to the write-up form.

What should a write-up form contain?

  • Employee name, position, and ID number.
  • Type of warning.
  • Offense committed.
  • Description of the incident.
  • Improvement plan.
  • Consequences of a repeat offense.
  • Area for manager and employee to sign and date.

Why should you use an employee write-up form?

Write-up forms are essential for recording work issues. If disciplinary action must be taken, including termination, a record is essential and may help companies avoid wrongful discharge accusations. Write-up forms also make warnings clear to employees and give them a path to fixing issues.

Do you have to give a verbal warning before a written warning?

Yes, a verbal warning is generally given before a written warning.

What are common reasons for writing up an employee?

  • Tardiness.
  • Unauthorized early leaving.
  • Absenteeism.
  • Company policy violation.
  • Substandard work.
  • Violation of safety rules.
  • Inappropriate behavior toward customers or clients.
  • Insubordination.

How do I write an employee written warning?

Use simple, clear language to describe the employee's workplace violation or incident. Be sure to include all basic information in your written warning, as well as a plan for improvement.

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