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HealthJobsNationwide.com's highlights are its niche medical audience and a comprehensive resume database. The site also features an applicant tracking tool and attracts job seekers with useful resources, including industry news and Continuing Medical Education (CME) offerings. There are, however, more affordable niche sites, such as AusDoc.JOBS.


  • HealthJobsNationwide.com is not as popular as the local job posting site Jora.
  • The job board features an applicant tracking tool.
  • Employers can search through an extensive resume database.
  • Companies can present their profiles and create job postings aimed at targeted candidates.
  • Job credits do not expire and can be used to post a 30-day job listing at any time.
  • The platform provides industry news, career and salary trends, and CME offerings.


  • HealthJobsNationwide.com is costlier than the Australian niche job board AusDoc.JOBS and MedicalJobsAustralia.com.
  • Pricing is not advertised in Australian dollars.
  • Some healthcare job boards offer recruiter training programs, but HealthJobsNationwide.com does not.
  • There is no option to share postings on social media.


While reviews of HealthJobsNationwide.com are limited online, one user on Sitejabber praised the platform for the quality of information and resources, giving the platform a 5-star rating.




1 Basic Job Credit


3 Basic Job Credits


10 Basic Job Credits


10 Resume Views/Downloads


25 Resume Views/Downloads


50 Resume Views/Downloads


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How to Post a Job on HealthJobsNationwide.com:

$299.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on HealthJobsNationwide.com:

Six easy steps for posting a job on HealthJobsNationwide.com.


Posting a job on HealthJobsNationwide.com.


Start the job posting process.

Start the job posting process.

On the recruiter home page, click on "Post your first job" toward the middle of the screen.


Choose a job type.

Choose a job type.

Choose a job type from either "Job per Template," "Job per Link," or "Job per PDF."


Enter your job details.

Enter your job details.

Enter the details of your job opportunity, add a link, or upload your PDF file and click on "Continue."


Create a recruiter account.

Create a recruiter account.

Fill out the online form with your company name, first name, and last name. Then, click on "Create new recruiter account."


Choose upgrades.

Choose upgrades.

After verifying your account in your email inbox, preview your job posting and click on "Continue." Select upgrades, if desired, and click on "Continue."


Enter your payment details.

Enter your payment details.

After you've entered your billing information, you can checkout and view your job post.

HealthJobsNationwide.com vs. AusDoc.JOBS:

Both HealthJobsNationwide.com and AusDoc.JOBS are specialized medical job boards, although AusDoc.JOBS serves an Australian niche and has a larger audience. At A$249.00 +GST per post, AusDoc.JOBS is also the more affordable option, making it the smarter choice for Australian employers.

HealthJobsNationwide.com vs. MedicalJobsAustralia.com:

While HealthJobsNationwide.com does cater to the Australian job market, it has a very small presence in Australia compared to MedicalJobsAustralia.com, making the latter the better platform for local employers. In addition, MedicalJobsAustralia.com is the more affordable platform, charging A$185.00 for a single job post.

HealthJobsNationwide.com vs. SEEK:

While not strictly a medical job board, SEEK reaches millions of qualified Australian professionals, including medical specialists. HealthJobsNationwide.com, however, does not have a wide Australian appeal. SEEK's pricing is based on the job title and location, while HealthJobsNationwide.com's pricing starts from US$299.00.

Key Information

Legal Name

Healthcare Staffing Innovations, LLC.


Tim Rush

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2003


Woodstock, Georgia, USA

Number of Employees





0011 1 (888) 861-5627




What is HealthJobsNationwide.com?

HealthJobsNationwide.com is a global job board for healthcare workers.

How much does HealthJobsNationwide.com cost?

Pricing for HealthJobsNationwide.com starts from US$299.00 for a single listing and from US$29.00 for 10 resume views or downloads.

How do I create an account with HealthJobsNationwide.com?

  1. Navigate to the employer home page.
  2. Click on "Register" in the top-right corner.
  3. Complete the registration form and click on "Create new recruiter account."

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