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Optometry Australia is a community of optometry professionals who network, participate in industry events, and share valuable resources. They host a job board that attracts eye care professionals, making it a central hub for eye care talent. Affordable pricing and targeted advertising make this a great place to find local optometry job seekers.


  • There is a wide range of niche positions one might not find on general job boards.
  • Employers can attach PDFs to job posts, giving more detail about the company and role.
  • Membership gives employers access to useful resources, such as expert clinical advice, business support, and industry events.
  • There is an office for every state, each with a dedicated phone number and email address, making it easy to contact them.
  • It is a relatively affordable service when compared to bigger job boards, such as MedicalJobsAustralia.com.
  • Four different pricing options make the job board attractive to companies of different sizes.


  • Jobs can only be listed one at a time. There are no multiple job posting options.
  • There are no free job posting options.
  • Job posts have strict word limits. The Standard plan allows for 50 words, while the rest allow 100 words.
  • There is no searchable candidate resume database.
  • There are no candidate management or applicant tracking tools.
  • General job boards, such as SEEK, list more optometry jobs and reach more job seekers.
  • Rival job board, eyesmart.com.au, is a more affordable alternative.


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How to Post a Job on Optometry Australia:

$35.00 AUD
15 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Optometry Australia:

Ten easy steps for posting a job on Optometry Australia.


Posting a job on Optometry Australia.


Go to the Optometry Australia home page.

Go to the Optometry Australia home page.

Navigate to optometry.org.au and click on the "Jobs board" button at the top of the page.




The "PLACE AN ADVERTISEMENT" button is highlighted in orange to the right of the page.


Choose a member or nonmember option.

Choose a member or nonmember option.

Scroll down past the job posting package descriptions where you'll find two options: one for members and one for nonmembers. If you are not an Optometry Australia member, choose the box to the right labeled, "All other listings and advertising packages," or click on the box to the left if you already have a membership.


Create an account.

Create an account.

Click on the "Register" link directly beneath the "Forgot password?" link, or sign in with your details if you already have an account.


Fill in your details.

Fill in your details.

Add your details in the relevant fields and click on the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the form to proceed.


Create a password.

Create a password.

Check your inbox for the verification email. Note the user ID given to you, then click on the link provided. Create a new password on the next page and click on the "RESET PASSWORD" button.


Enter your user ID.

Enter your user ID.

Add your user ID and password, then click on "LOG ME IN" in order to log in to your new account.


Add a new job.

Add a new job.

Click on the "ADD NEW JOB ADVERT" button highlighted in blue.


Create your job post.

Create your job post.

Include information about your company, your listing, and your job plan in the relevant fields. Click on the "SAVE" button at the end of the form to continue.

A pop-up box will ask you to tick the Terms and Conditions box on the next page. Do this in order to proceed to checkout.


Pay for your job post.

Pay for your job post.

Add your payment details in the space provided, then click on the "PAY NOW" button in the bottom-right corner. This concludes the process.

Optometry Australia vs. eyesmart.com.au:

eyesmart.com.au's starting price of A$50.00 +GST per post makes it costlier than Optometry Australia's A$36.00 +GST, but the latter offers much more. Optometry Australia grants employers access to a community of optometry professionals for networking, resource sharing, and more, while eyesmart.com.au is a basic job board with little else to offer.

Optometry Australia vs. SEEK:

SEEK lists more eye care jobs than Optometry Australia and has a greater reach. There are currently only 80 jobs listed on Optometry Australia, compared to over 300 on SEEK when searching for the optometry keyword. SEEK gives you greater control over pricing and has advanced recruiting tools that streamline the hiring process.

Optometry Australia vs. MedicalJobsAustralia.com:

MedicalJobsAustralia.com lists all kinds of medical jobs, including those in the optometry field, while Optometry Australia only lists eye care jobs and attracts specialists. MedicalJobsAustralia.com starts at A$185.00 per job post compared to A$36.00 +GST on Optometry Australia, making the latter the better option for finding eye care specialists.

Key Information

Legal Name

Optometry Australia

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1918


Ste. 101, 68-72 York St., South Melbourne, VIC 3205

Number of Employees





03 9668 8500




What is Optometry Australia?

Optometry Australia is a membership organization that hosts a popular job board for eye care professionals. Optometrists and medical employers of all sizes use this job board to find the best eye care job seekers in Australia.

What does it cost to post a job on Optometry Australia?

Optometry Australia's pricing ranges from A$36.00 +GST to A$129.00 +GST per post.

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