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MJA Jobs Board, previously known as doctorportal job board, specializes in advertising medical and healthcare vacancies across Australia. The platform provides industry-related news, resources, and career advice through The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA).

With over 1,100 registered job seekers, MJA Jobs Board gives employers access to a highly defined audience of healthcare professionals. The site offers a comprehensive range of job posting packages and recruitment services, including resume searches, email advertising, and promoted listings.


  • Both members of the MJA and non-members can make use of the job board.
  • The platform works to connect over 1,100 employers with job seekers.
  • The site offers several job posting options and bulk job posting packages.
  • Employers can access the platform's resume database to connect with candidates.
  • The "Premium" job posting package allows jobs to be sent to candidates via email alerts.
  • The "Enhanced" and "Premium" job posting packages highlight jobs and allow them to stay near the top of the job board.
  • Employers can add several upgrades to their job posts, including social media promotion.
  • Job posting credits for the package plans are valid for a year.
  • Employers that connected with candidates whose resumes they liked are not subject to a fee if the candidate is not interested in the job post.


  • MJA Jobs Board does not provide a free job posting option.
  • Employers need to pay to connect with the candidates whose resumes they like.
  • The site does not feature an applicant tracking system.
  • Employers can only pay online with a credit card.


We were unable to find any online reviews of the MJA Jobs Board.

MJA Jobs Board vs. MedicalJobsAustralia.com:

MJA Jobs Board and MedicalJobsAustralia.com both advertise medical jobs in Australia. MJA Jobs Board is the more affordable option for members, charging A$176.00 for a basic job post. However, its nonmember pricing, starting at A$352.00 per post, is costlier than MedicalJobsAustralia.com's starting price of A$185.00 per post.

MJA Jobs Board vs. AusDoc.JOBS:

AusDoc.JOBS and MJA Jobs Board both target the Australian medical sector. While both platforms offer a range of job posting plans, MJA Jobs Board stands out with a more affordable starting price for its members. Unlike AusDoc.JOBS, MJA Jobs Board also features a searchable resume database.

MJA Jobs Board vs. Indeed:

Indeed is a free job posting site that lists roles from all industries. MJA Jobs Board, however, has a range of paid job posting packages available and specializes in healthcare positions. While both platforms offer email advertising services, MJA Jobs Board lacks a candidate messaging system, which Indeed offers.

Key Information

Legal Name

The Medical Journal of Australia


Ste. 1, Level 19, Town Hall House, 456 Kent St., Sydney, NSW 2000




02 8091 5810




What does it cost to post a job on MJA Jobs Board?

MJA Jobs Board's pricing starts at A$176.00 for a member or A$352.00 for a non-member job post. The site also offers several bulk job posting packages and additional upgrades.

How do I delete a job post from MJA Jobs Board?

  1. Sign in to your account and click on "My Jobs."
  2. Select the job you'd like to remove and click "Delete."

What jobs can I post on MJA Jobs Board?

The job board allows employers to post a variety of healthcare jobs in administration, psychiatry, adolescent medicine, public health, and intensive care, among others.

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