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WORK180 (formerly Diverse City Careers) is a global job network that assists employers in connecting with women who want to succeed in the workforce. The platform offers access to HR resources, employer branding tools, and a job board where Endorsed Employers can post job postings across a range of industries, including IT and banking.


  • Job advertisements can be filtered by job type, location, level of experience, and industry.
  • U.K. employers that have used the site's services include ABcom, Adaptavist, and J.P. Morgan.
  • All plans include unlimited job posts and access to WORK180's Progress Hub, an all-in-one DEI assessment, planning, and reporting tool.
  • All Endorsed Employers are entered into WORK180's public employer directory.
  • The platform provides a host of employer branding services that include employee storytelling and global campaigns.
  • Employers have the option of sponsoring career events to help network with potential candidates.
  • New job advertisements and Endorsed Employers are promoted on WORK180's social media platforms.
  • Job advertisements are posted on the job board until an employer decides to remove them.
  • Every quarter, Endorsed Employers receive an exhaustive business report that includes feedback from job seekers.
  • Employers are given access to a DEI Account Manager to help improve job statistics.


  • WORK180 does not operate as a traditional job board.
  • All employers must undergo an endorsement check before advertising jobs on WORK180.
  • WORK180 does not make pricing readily available on their website.


We were unable to find employer reviews of WORK180's job posting services online. However, the company's Facebook page has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating, with many reviews featuring job seekers that were happy with the service.


WORK180 offers annual packages that are priced according to the number of employees a company has and the stage of its DEI journey. Interested employers should contact WORK180 to request a quote.

WORK180 vs. MyDiversity.com:

MyDiversity.com offers access to a standard job board that caters to diverse groups, including women, older individuals, and disabled professionals. Comparatively, WORK180 only champions women employment, and the company's job board is not as easily accessible as MyDiversity.com's job board, which will cost employers at least £29.00 +VAT per post.

WORK180 vs. DiverseJobsMatter:

While DiverseJobsMatter seeks to advocate for diverse job hiring, WORK180 solely caters to the improvement of standards and hiring statistics for women in the workforce. That said, DiverseJobsMatter allows employers to post vacancies directly on the job board, whereas WORK180 only advertises positions after employers complete an endorsement check.

WORK180 vs. Evenbreak:

Unlike WORK180, Evenbreak primarily advertises vacancies for disabled professionals. The benefits of Evenbreak include 60-day post durations, company profiles, and social media promotion. WORK180, on the other hand, also offers social media promotion, as well as employer branding and job ad writing tools, services missing from Evenbreak's plans.

Key Information

Legal Name

WORK180 Pty Ltd.


Gemma Lloyd

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2015


Austin, TX, USA

Number of Employees







How much does it cost to post a job ad on WORK180?

Employers will need to become a WORK180 Endorsed Employer to be able to post vacancies on the job board. The endorsement is valid for one year and pricing depends on your company's size. Employers should contact WORK180 for more information.

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