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WORK180 (formerly Diverse City Careers) is a global job network that helps companies connect with women who want to excel in the workforce. The platform gives users access to HR resources, employer branding tools, and a job board where Endorsed Employers may post job openings in a variety of sectors, such as banking and healthcare.


  • Job advertisements can be filtered by job type, location, level of experience, and industry.
  • Australian employers that have used the site's services include Amazon Web Services (AWS), ahs hospitality, and Accenture.
  • WORK180 offers four employer packages that include access to a job board and a job advertisement writing tool.
  • All Endorsed Employers are entered into WORK180's public employer directory.
  • The platform provides a host of employer branding services that include employee storytelling and global campaigns.
  • Employers have the option of sponsoring career events to help network with potential candidates.
  • New job advertisements and Endorsed Employers are promoted on WORK180's social media platforms.
  • Every quarter, Endorsed Employers receive an exhaustive business report that includes feedback from job seekers.
  • Employers are given access to a DEI Account Manager to help improve job statistics.


  • Compared to Indeed and Toozly, WORK180 doesn't operate as a traditional job posting site, which minimizes its reach.
  • All employers must undergo an endorsement check before advertising jobs on WORK180.
  • The platform's entry-level plan does not include global campaigns and employee storytelling.
  • WORK180 only offers annual plans that start at A$5,400.00 per year.
  • The Endorsement package does not include access to the WORK180 job board.


We were unable to find employer reviews of WORK180's job posting services online. That said, the company's Facebook page has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating, with many reviews featuring job seekers that were happy with the service.



Annual Pricing











WORK180 offers five packages: Endorsement, Promoter, Builder, Maximizer, and Influencer. However, the company does not disclose pricing on its website. Interested employers can contact WORK180 for a quote.

How to Post a Job on WORK180:

Employers are not allowed to post job advertisements on WORK180's job board without undergoing an endorsement check. To become an Endorsed Employer, navigate to the home page and click on "Getting endorsed" under the "For employers" drop-down menu. Complete the endorsement check form and click on "Submit."

WORK180 vs. EthicalJobs.com.au:

The primary difference between WORK180 and EthicalJobs.com.au stems down to their target market. While WORK180 caters to employers looking to hire women, EthicalJobs.com.au seeks to help hire diverse employees in a variety of groups. That said, while EthicalJobs.com.au's prices start at A$140.00 per post, WORK180 charges A$16,500,00 per year.

WORK180 vs. Toozly:

Both WORK180 and Toozly seek to connect with a specific target market, with the latter catering to employers looking to hire disabled professionals. However, WORK180 aims to hire women in all groups, including disabled individuals, but the platform is more costly, charging A$16,500.00 per year. In comparison, Toozly's annual plan costs A$2,520.00.

WORK180 vs. Indigenous Employment Australia:

WORK180 and Indigenous Employment Australia target different employers, with the former solely advertising jobs for women. That said, Indigenous Employment Australia operates as a job board where employers can post instantly, and it costs A$165.00 per post. WORK180, on the other hand, only offers annual plans that start at A$16,500.00 per year.

Key Information

Legal Name

WORK180 Pty Ltd.


Gemma Lloyd

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2015


Austin, TX, USA

Number of Employees







What is WORK180?

WORK180 is a U.S.-based job network and women empowerment initiative that champions diverse hiring in the workforce. The business gives Australian employers access to a job board and a platform for writing job advertisements to help them find applicants more quickly.

How do I post a job ad on WORK180?

To post a job ad on WORK180, you must complete an endorsement check to become an official WORK180 Endorsed Employer. Once you've signed up as an Endorsed Employer, you can request a quote and start posting vacancies on the platform's job board.

How much does it cost to post a job on WORK180?

WORK180's pricing ranges between A$16,500.00 and A$54,000.00 per year. While the company does offer an Endorsement plan for A$5,400.00 per year, it does not include access to the job board.

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