Optometry Job Posting Sites

Optometry Job Posting Sites

May 13th, 2019

Optometry job posting sites are used by optometry offices and other employers to reach out to potential applicants in this very competitive field.

Our list of optometry job posting sites, along with posting sites for the most in-demand optometry jobs, will help you hire help faster.

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Top 10 Optometry Job Posting Sites:

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Site Name

Posting Options



Free and paid options.



Free and paid options.


Google for Jobs

Free job posting site.


American Optometric Association

Paid postings, starting at $145.00.


Local Eye Site

Paid postings, starting at $349.00.



Paid postings, starting at $161.10.



Paid postings, starting at $265.00.


Berkeley School of Optometry

Free job postings.



Paid job postings.



Paid job postings.


What are the best places for optometrist job postings?

Those sites can help fill orthoptist job postings and low vision specialist job postings as well.

Where can I post optometrist positions for free?

As far as niche optometry sites, only the Berkley School of Optometry allows for free optometry job postings. You can also post for free to general sites like Indeed, Google for Jobs, and Jora, and you can post jobs to social media for free as well. We've got some social recruiting tips to help with the latter. Social can be a great way of job posting optometry office can use in general.

Any tips on where to post optometrist jobs I can't seem to fill?

Start off by posting to as many free job posting sites as possible. No reason not to. Before you test any paid sites, take a careful look at your job posting and make sure you're writing it with a focus on attracting candidates. We've got a guide to that here. Job postings for optometrist positions are very competitive, so be sure you've got the best before you spend money promoting it.

Where can I make ophthalmology job postings?

Try ophthalmology posting services such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Prices start at $170.00 per job posting.

Where can I make optician job postings?

Try OpticianJobs. It's a UK job posting site. Prices start at £499.00 per posting.