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LocalTruckDriverJobs.com is a specialized job posting site for active and passive job seekers interested in working in the local trucking industry. LocalTruckDriverJobs.com provides great national exposure to a niche target market, and its job posting services include standard posting and branding features to help attract eligible drivers faster.


  • Employers can create a detailed company profile that includes a logo, videos, and access to all jobs.
  • The "quick apply" process is simple and helps improve the number of job applications.
  • Employers have the option to syndicate job posts to LocalTruckDriverJobs.com and CDLTruckDriverJobs.com.
  • Reputable trucking companies that have used LocalTruckDriverJobs.com include XPOLogistics, Averitt, and JBS Carriers.
  • The platform's niche approach helps improve the quality of applications and automates the screening process.
  • Employers can post both standard and experienced trucking jobs, including 18-wheeler and auto-hauler positions.
  • The service integrates with most applicant tracking systems, including Tenstreet, Driver Reach, and EBE.
  • There are real-time, company-specific drivers available.
  • Matched applications are filtered by hiring criteria and location.
  • The website is available in Spanish.


  • LocalTruckDriverJobs.com's customer support and pricing information are limited.
  • The platform does not mention advanced features on its website, such as social media sharing and applicant tracking.
  • LocalTruckDriverJobs.com does not provide access to a resume database.
  • Employers cannot post jobs directly to the job board.


We were unable to find employer reviews of LocalTruckDriverJobs.com online.


LocalTruckDriverJobs.com does not reveal pricing on its website. Interested customers may contact LocalTruckDriverJobs.com for more information on its pricing structure.

How to Post a Job on LocalTruckDriverJobs.com:

To post a job on LocalTruckDriverJobs.com, employers must first contact LocalTruckDriverJobs.com and request more information on their job posting plan.

To get started, simply click on "Post a Job" in the top-right corner of the home page and complete the contact form. Be sure to check "Job Posting/Advertising" before submitting the request.

LocalTruckDriverJobs.com vs. JobsInTrucks.com:

While both competitors are quote-based job boards, the two platforms offer very different features. LocalTruckDriverJobs.com provides standard job posting and branding features, whereas JobsInTrucks.com offers access to a comprehensive driver resume database and candidate matching — features missing from LocalTruckDriverJobs.com's offerings.

LocalTruckDriverJobs.com vs. MeetATruckDriver.com:

The primary difference between the two competitors is their pricing structure. While LocalTruckDriverJobs.com is quote-based, MeetATruckDriver.com offers free and paid job postings that include featured posts and instant messages. These features are not included in LocalTruckDriverJobs.com's plan, and the site is also missing a candidate database.

LocalTruckDriverJobs.com vs. Truck Driver Jobs 411:

Truck Driver Jobs 411 is a 100% free job posting site that allows employers to create free accounts. While LocalTruckDriverJobs.com allows employers to create free company profiles, the job posting service is quote-based and lacks features included in Truck Driver Jobs 411's plans, such as access to a candidate pool and instant messaging.

Key Information

Legal Name

Hiring Drivers Now

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2020


Tuscaloosa, AL


1 (205) 419-1640




What is LocalTruckDriverJobs.com?

LocalTruckDriverJobs.com is a niche job posting site that advertises local job opportunities in the trucking industry.

How much does it cost to post a job ad on LocalTruckDriverJobs.com?

LocalTruckDriverJobs.com does not make its pricing available on its website. Interested employers looking to use the site can contact the customer support team for more information.

What are some LocalTruckDriverJobs.com alternatives?

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