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October 27th, 2020

As with many jobs, finding truck drivers to staff your business or organization can be tough in this tight labor market. However, using the right free job boards for truck drivers can help you save money and find great candidates. We've rounded up the best free job boards in this category to help you get started.

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Top Free Trucking Job Boards:

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Google for Jobs



Truck Driver Jobs 411



EPD Careers

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How can I get better performance from my free trucking job posts?

If you're not getting many applicants, look at how you've written your job post. In competitive hiring markets, you'll want to write your post as if your ideal applicant is a person you're selling your job to. Focus on what makes your job and company attractive to work at. Use our job posting template to stay on task and cover your bases.

What information should be included in truck driver job postings?

  • The primary region where the trucking will take place.
  • The type of trucking (long haul, short haul, etc).
  • Salary/compensation details.
  • License and permit requirements.

Are free truck driving job posting sites worth it?

Yes, many sites where you can post truck driving jobs for free receive very high traffic from job seekers, including Indeed, which is one of the most frequently visited job sites in the world.

Are these free trucking job posting sites truly free?

While some of these sites offer free posting on a trial basis or charge you to get more visibility for your post, they do offer a truly free way to post your job and attract applicants.