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Climbto350.com is a niche job board that caters to employers and job seekers in the aviation industry. Created for employers and job seekers in the U.S., the platform's job posting process is concise and seamless, and employers enjoy unlimited access to a comprehensive resume database.


  • The website is completely free to use.
  • Employers from across the country can advertise vacancies on Climbto350.com.
  • The platform's job ad creation process is quick and seamless.
  • Climbto350.com provides employers with unlimited access to a resume database.
  • Employers can direct applications to their company emails for better management of applications.
  • The website receives over 30,000 monthly visits.
  • Compared to its closest competitors, Aviation Job Search and Avjobs, Climbto350.com is the more affordable option.


  • The website is outdated and provides minimal features.
  • Climbto350.com does not offer employer branding, social media sharing, or an applicant tracking system.
  • The job ads only include the most basic information.
  • The platform has no online presence on social media, which could impact visibility.
  • While the job board is public, job seekers must be members to view job posts.


There are a limited number of reviews for Climbto350.com listed online. However, we did find two reviews on Sitejabber, where the customers felt dissatisfied with Climbto350.com's lack of information.


It's free to post a job ad on Climbto350.com.

How to Post a Job on Climbto350.com:

$0.00 USD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Climbto350.com:

Three easy steps for posting a job on Climbto350.com.


Posting a job on Climbto350.com.

Navigate to Climbto350.com's home page.

On the home page, click on "Post Jobs" in the main menu.


Register as an employer.

Register as an employer.

On the following page, click on "Click here to Register." This should redirect you to the registration page. Complete the form with the necessary details and click on "Submit" to continue.


Post your job.

Post your job.

Once you've officially submitted your registration form, you'll immediately be directed to a job ad form. The platform automatically fills in some of your details. You'll need to add in the missing information, including a comprehensive job description, before proceeding.

When you've completed the job ad form, click on "Post Job!"

Climbto350.com vs. Avjobs:

The noticeable difference between Climbto350.com and Avjobs is their pricing. Avjobs stands out as the costly option, with prices starting at $149.00 per post, whereas Climbto350.com is completely free. However, for the additional cost, Avjobs offers access to features missing from Climbto350.com, including job syndication and social media sharing.

While Climbto350.com is a basic job board that offers free job postings, Aviation Job Search's pricing starts at £699.00 +VAT per post, making it the costlier option. However, unlike Climbto350.com, Aviation Job Search offers a wide range of other hiring products, including managed services, email campaigns, and social media promotion.

Climbto350.com vs. AviationCV.com:

While both AviationCV.com and Climbto350.com are niche job boards that are 100% free, the former offers a host of features missing from its competitor, including social media sharing, advertisement in a newsletter, and featured posts. However, Climbto350.com provides access to a resume database, a feature missing from AviationCV.com's services.

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How much does it cost to post a job on Climbto350.com?

It is free to post a vacancy on Climbto350.com.

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