Chapter 5

Careerbuilder Job Posting Tips That Get People Hired

Career Builder

If you're hiring, CareerBuilder is probably one of the first boards you consider posting to. It's got a lot of job hunter traffic, an Alexa rank of 2.6K, and a respectable resume database with a powerful resume search feature.

It's one of the most heavily trafficked by job seekers in the U.S. But you're also very likely to see a lot of jobs out there that are just like yours. Essentially, you're all competing for the top candidates. 

So how do you make sure top candidates see your ad?

In this section of our job advertising guide, I've got tips for making your CareerBuilder job posting more visibly and attractive to top job seekers, that you can start using today. I've also provided a step-by-step guide to posting on CareerBuilder, and a quick guide to CareerBuilder job posting cost.

The First Step Toward Getting Your Job Posting Noticed

I've mentioned this over and over in my job advertising guide for a reason.

People don't know the difference between a job ad and a job description, and it's killing their job posts. 

Knowing the difference is going to save you time and money by bringing in the the best candidates quickly. This may seem like a lot to promise - but once I've explained this, you'll see why.

You see, a job description is meant to be an internal document that conveys expectations, basic duties and information about what qualifies a candidate for the job. It's usually a fairly dry set of bullet points.

A job ad is not like this at all. It's written to attract the attention of your ideal candidate and sell them on the job. 

The problem is that when I visit job boards, I'm constantly seeing people post job descriptions, or some hybrid of a job description and an ad. Basically, these are long, boring lists of bullet points about qualifications and duties of the candidate. 

This is a big opportunity for you.

Because if you start writing job ads and posting them to sites like CareerBuilder, you'll definitely stand out from the competition and have a much easier time finding great candidates. You can check out my guide for writing job ad content here

Below you'll find specific information for improving your postings to CareerBuilder.

How to Get the Best Value and Best Applicants from CareerBuilder

Ok, now that you have my take on job ads vs. job descriptions, let's have a look at some real ads on CareerBuilder, and see what we can learn for making better posts on this board.

Looking around on CareerBuilder with the difference between job ads and descriptions in mind, you'll notice that a lot of people have these confused here. That leads to jobs that don't differentiate themselves in any way. 

One of the most difficult jobs to hire for in the U.S. right now is an electrical engineer. But look at this search from CareerBuilder:

CareerBuilder job post examples.

These job descriptions offer literally nothing in their descriptions to help a potential applicant decide between one or the other. By doing some basic research, as I mention in my article on writing a job ad, you could find a few details that set you apart, that potential employees would love, and add them to the title. 

I looked through the first 125 job postings for "Electrical Engineer," and the titles were all identical, or nearly so. 

This is great news for you, because it makes it easy to call a little attention to your ad. 

The short descriptions have the same problem. They're identical in the sense that they're all written from the employer's perspective. But if you want to attract applicants to your ad, you should write about things they'll be interested in. 

Tell them how great the team they'll be working with is, how nice the office is, what equipment they'll love working with, or what kind of interesting opportunities they'll have. 

You'll want to extend this way of looking at the title and description into the body of the post too. 

Here's a particularly bad job post:

CareerBuilder job post.

Not only is the post completely written from the employer's perspective, but they repeated the exact same boring information in both sections of the job post. This is for a paid ad, in a very competitive market!

I think it should be very obvious now that if you want to stand out on CareerBuilder, the opportunity is there. 

Ready to start posting? We'll walk you through job posting costs and getting your account up and running in the next sections.

CareerBuilder Job Posting Cost

What will it cost you to post on CareerBuilder? 

Here are some handy CareerBuilding pricing tables, showing you how the price changes, depending on the number of jobs you'll be advertising. In other words, how much you spend on Careerbuilder could be anywhere from $240 per job and $419.

CareerBuilder job posting cost.

So, the lowest you can expect to pay is $240 per post, if you're able to invest in at least 25 jobs from the start. The highest, if you've only got one job, is $419. 

Step-by-Step Career Builder Posting Guide

1. Getting started. Go to CareerBuilder's home page and click Post Jobs.

Post to CareerBuilder step 1.

2. Pick a package. CareerBuilder will now ask you to select the number of jobs you want to post. Select and click Add to Cart.

Post to CareerBuilder step 2.

3. Pick extra features. On the checkout page, CareerBuilder has a few additional add on features you'll want to consider for boosting your post and giving you the chance to proactively find candidates by looking at resumes. When you're ready, click "Checkout."

Post to CareerBuilder step 3.

4. Register. If this is your first time using CareerBuilder, you'll need to register for an account. Once you've provided your information, click Continue to Checkout, and your just about done. 

Post to CareerBuilder step 4.

5. Finish up. From here you'll provide some basic information about your company, and fill out a fairly standard payment information form. That's it! You're ready to start posting jobs.

Now Hit Your Hiring Targets on CareerBuilder

Ok, those are the tools you'll need for making a big impression on CareerBuilder. As you can see, there's a lot of opportunity there to steal the show by using our simple tips. 

If you've followed our advice, you should have a job ad that's great for most job boards. Ready to post it? Let Betterteam help you get it on 100+ job boards with a few clicks