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WorkInCulture is a non-profit organization based in Toronto that seeks to support creatives, artists, and cultural workers in their professional careers. They offer skills development, research, and advocacy for the creative industry, and host a job board to advertise opportunities in Ontario.

Companies can post free or paid job adverts to either their general job board or "DiscoveryBoard" for voluntary and experience-related positions. The site also allows employers to customize their listings with an unlimited word count, and also supports online payments and bank transfers.


  • WorkInCulture is a dedicated job board for cultural workers, artists, and creatives in Canada.
  • The site gives employers unlimited word counts on job posts.
  • Jobs posted to the WorkInCulture job board are listed for 90 days.
  • Over 1,700 jobs are posted every year on the WorkInCulture job board.
  • The site supports payment for job postings via PayPal and bank transfer.
  • The site includes a "DiscoveryBoard" for other voluntary, internship, and development positions.
  • The job posting process is efficient, with paid job posts appear minutes after submission.


  • A PayPal account is required — WorkInCulture does not offer online credit card payment.
  • The job posting process can be difficult to navigate for new users.
  • The website and job posting submission template is only available in English.


WorkInCulture has received a 5 out of 5-star rating on their Facebook page based on the opinion of three people. JVS Toronto, a leading employment and recruitment NPO, also recommends WorkInCulture as a top cultural and arts job board.

How to Post a Job on WorkInCulture:

140.00 CAD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on WorkInCulture:

Five easy steps for posting a job on WorkInCulture.


Posting a Job on WorkInCulture.


Register as an employer with WorkInCulture.

Register as an employer with WorkInCulture.

Navigate to the WorkInCulture home page. Find and select "Register" in the top right-hand corner.


Enter your account information.

Enter your account information.

Fill in the registration form and then select "Register."


Start the job posting process.

Start the job posting process.

Once you're logged in to your WorkInCulture account, look for "Post a New Job" and select it.


Fill out your job details.

Fill out your job details.

Provide details about the job you would like to advertise on the WorkInCulture job board. Then, select "Pay with Credit Card."


Pay for your job posting.

Pay for your job posting.

This is the final step. You'll be redirected to PayPal to pay for your job posting. Sign in and complete your payment to have your job posted on WorkInCulture.

You can also pay by bank transfer but will have to send proof of payment to WorkInCulture in order for your job to be posted.

WorkInCulture vs. FreshGigs.ca:

FreshGigs.ca is a creative and tech job board that limits its candidate pool to qualified professionals in Canada. Both WorkInCulture and FreshGigs.ca receive over 60,000 visitors each month, however, the latter also posts job advertisements to their partner network sites which may increase visibility for certain positions.

WorkInCulture vs. RGD:

RGD is a popular graphic design community platform that includes a talent marketplace. They charge C$250.00 per 30-day post, while WorkInCulture charges C$140.00 for a 90-day listing. Both RGD and WorkInCulture advertise listings through their social media platforms; however, RGD has more followers on their groups, which may impact hiring results.

WorkInCulture vs. Behance:

Behance is a U.S. company that offers similar services to WorkInCulture, however, Canadian businesses may like to know that the latter is based in Toronto. Both job boards receive similar amounts of job postings every year, with WorkInCulture receiving 1,500 posts and Behance getting close to 2,000 posts from Canadian employers.

Key Information

Legal Name

Cultural Careers Council Ontario

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1997


27 Carlton St., Suite 304 Toronto, Ontario, CA.

Number of Customers





1 (416) 340-0086




What is WorkInCulture?

WorkInCulture is a non-profit organization that assists people involved in creative industries with their careers. They provide training, resources, and a job board to help Canadian creatives and cultural workers find employment.

What does it cost to post a job on WorkInCulture?

WorkInCulture charges between C$30.00 and C$140.00 per job posting. They also offer featured listings at an additional cost and do not add HST to their pricing.

How do I create an account on WorkInCulture?

Find and select "Register" on the WorkInCulture home page. Fill in the registration form and select "Register."

How do I delete a job post on WorkInCulture?

Log in to your WorkInCulture account. Select the "Manage Post" tab and then click on "Delete" next to the job post you would like to remove.

What are some alternatives to WorkInCulture?

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