JVS Toronto offers a free job posting service.


JVS Toronto was started at the end of World War II to assist the Jewish community of Toronto in finding work opportunities. The organization has since expanded its mandate to help the wider community of Toronto with employment, training, information, and hiring.

JVS Toronto offers a wide range of services to employers, including a free job posting service, pre-screening of candidates, and networking opportunities.


  • JVS Toronto allows employers to post jobs for free.
  • The platform has over 60 years of experience in HR and job placement.
  • Employers can advertise a wide variety of vacancies at all career levels.
  • JVS Toronto allows international postings, but more than half of its web traffic comes from Canada.
  • The site has a simple job posting process.
  • Employers benefit from customer support via telephone or email.


  • JVS Toronto only serves the greater Toronto and York areas.
  • The platform lacks applicant tracking and candidate matching tools.
  • Listings aren't shared on the site's social media pages or other job boards.


While we were unable to find any online reviews of JVS Toronto's job board, JVS Toronto is accredited under Imagine Canada’s prestigious Standards Program, which stands to reason that it is a reputable platform.

JVS Toronto vs. Toronto Community Employment Services:

Toronto Community Employment Services and JVS Toronto offer similar hiring services to the Toronto area for free. JVS Toronto has a more streamlined job posting process, which might appeal to employers who want to get in touch before registering their business with the organization.

JVS Toronto vs. is a paid job posting service in Toronto. While they offer a host of additional features to self-manage the hiring process, their pricing may dissuade some employers from using their services. JVS Toronto is funded by donors and the Canadian government, meaning their job posting service is free for employers.

JVS Toronto vs. University of Toronto Career Learning Network:

University of Toronto Career Learning Network posts jobs and volunteering positions for students enrolled at their Mississauga, St. George (downtown), and Scarborough campuses. JVS Toronto covers a broader population of job seekers in Toronto, providing access to a candidate pool with a wider range of experience and qualifications.

Key Information

Legal Name

Jewish Vocational Service of Metropolitan Toronto

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1947


74 Tycos Dr., Toronto, ON M6B 1V9






What is JVS Toronto?

JVS Toronto is a nonprofit organization that assists job seekers and employers in the greater Toronto area. Their goal is to create meaningful employment opportunities and to maximize the work potential of the Toronto area.

What does JVS Toronto stand for?

JVS Toronto stands for Jewish Vocational Service of Metropolitan Toronto.

What does it cost to post a job on JVS Toronto?

All services offered by JVS Toronto, including job posting, are free.

How do I create an account on JVS Toronto?

Simply fill out their online job posting form and a JVS Toronto consultant will contact you about creating an account.

How do I delete a job post on JVS Toronto?

Contact JVS Toronto via email and request the removal of your job opportunity posted via their site.

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