Workopolis Job Posting

Workopolis Job Posting

June 3rd, 2019

Workopolis is a Canadian job posting site that advertises jobs in both English and French. The site was acquired by Indeed in 2018.

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As Workopolis is now run by Indeed, you can either publish a free job posting or pay for a sponsored listing. To help you decide how much to spend, an estimator tool will give you an idea of how many applications you can expect. The higher your budget, the more applications you will attract.

How to Post a Job on Workopolis:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the "Post Jobs Free on Indeed" button.
  3. From there, you'll need to provide your company information, job description, and application details before you can submit a job posting.

Key Information:


The Globe and Mail




Toronto, ON


Andrea Ziegler

Number of Employees


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Is Workopolis free?

You can either post a free job or pay for a sponsored listing on Workopolis.

What are the best job sites in Canada?

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How can I create a Workopolis account?

Go to and select the "Post Jobs Free on Indeed" button. You will be directed to the Indeed website where you will be prompted to fill in your company and job details.

How can I edit a Workopolis job posting?

You can edit your job posting on your Workopolis-Indeed account page. All details can be modified, excluding the job title and posting date.

How can I delete a Workopolis job posting?

You can delete your job posting in your Workopolis-Indeed account.

Where can I find my Workopolis account login?

Workopolis does not have a login function on its website. You will need to sign into your Indeed account to post a job.

What are some alternatives to Workopolis?

Where can I find regional Canadian job posting sites?