Employers and job seekers use WordPress Jobs at no cost since it is officially affiliated with the open-source WordPress site where everyone can create a website, blog, or app for free.


WordPress Jobs is WordPress's official job site where anyone can post vacancies for creating or maintaining a website, blog, or app via WordPress's open-source technology. WordPress Jobs caters solely to WordPress developers, designers, writers, and more.

While WordPress Jobs is a free site, U.K. employers may not receive a lot of exposure on their positions as WordPress Jobs lacks any sort of country site or location filter. WordPress Jobs also lacks additional features that U.K. employers may find helpful, such as applicant tracking and candidate matching.


  • WordPress Jobs allows employers to post vacancies for free.
  • The platform caters specifically to WordPress-related vacancies or projects.
  • Employers can remotely recruit global WordPress experts full-time or part-time, or for a specific project.
  • Jobs are listed by category, making them easier to find.
  • Employers directly receive applications via email.
  • Job ads are promoted on the platform's Facebook page
  • WordPress Jobs is more affordable than competitors, such as CWJobs.
  • Job seekers can filter jobs by job type to easily connect with suitable employers.


  • Job post moderation may delay job posting for up to 24 hours after submission.
  • The platform lacks a resume database of candidates.
  • No candidate management tools or ATS integrations are included.
  • WordPress Jobs lacks job board syndication and an applicant tracking system.


In Quora discussion threads, WordPress Jobs is often mentioned as a good site for WordPress developers to find jobs. WordPress also has a testimonials page with some customer reviews.

WordPress Jobs vs. CWJobs:

Unlike WordPress Jobs, CWJobs caters to a U.K. audience and promotes all types of IT jobs. However, WordPress Jobs is a free job posting site, while CWJobs charges £199.00 +VAT per post. CWJobs also allows employers to access their CV database for an additional £500.00. While it's more expensive, CWJobs offers more value than WordPress Jobs.

WordPress Jobs vs. Technojobs:

Technojobs is a tech job board dedicated to the U.K. as well as Europe. It also offers industry news and guides and is connected to a network of job boards across the U.K. In contrast, WordPress Jobs is a global site that caters specifically to WordPress developers. However, it lacks the additional features of Technojobs.

WordPress Jobs vs. Indeed:

Indeed is a well-known job board that advertises a wide range of general listings. In comparison, WordPress Jobs gives uses a more targeted approach to hiring WordPress professionals. While both platforms have a global presence and offer free job posting plans, but Indeed charges $5.00 per day for promoted listings to reach a larger network of talent.

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How much does it cost to use Wordpress Jobs?

It's free to post jobs on WordPress Jobs, and WordPress experts can also apply for jobs at no cost.

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