Fiverr freelancers charge between £3.00 and £1,200.00 per project. There is no subscription or sign-up fee. The freelancer keeps 80% of each transaction.


Fiverr is an online marketplace where employers can find freelancers. The site has varied pricing as price packages are set by freelancers, allowing employers to filter their search results by budget. The platform itself is free to use.

Unfortunately, Fiverr does not have a dedicated page for U.K.-based freelancers, or for freelancers who specialize in U.K. accents, finances, and more. However, if you change the currency to £, you can view all the freelancers' prices in pounds sterling.


  • Employers can browse through dozens of candidates instantly by using relevant keywords and searching for the service needed.
  • Most freelancers have a function on their profile to compare packages offered.
  • The website administrators offer support if a freelancer has not completed an order or if there is a dispute.
  • It is free to use the platform. Employers only pay the freelancer for services provided.
  • There is a variety of pricing options available as freelancers set their own prices.
  • Fiverr holds your payment until work is completed by the freelancer.


  • There is no dedicated page for U.K.-based freelancers or those who specialize in the U.K.
  • Employers must do a lot of preliminary research to find someone who is adequately qualified.
  • Pricing is set by the freelancer and no negotiations can be made unless ordering a custom package.
  • While customer support can be contacted for disputes, not much can be done if the freelancer's skills are inadequate.


Fiverr has mixed reviews on Trustpilot, with some employers stating that they have had a good experience with the site's structure and others saying that they were "scammed" by underqualified freelancers. The website has a 3.8 out of 5-star rating with more than 60% of reviewers rating the site as excellent, and just under 30% of reviewers rating the site as bad.

Fiverr vs. YunoJuno:

YunoJuno caters to U.K.-based freelancers and connects them with local and international jobs. However, while it allows international employers to find freelancers, YunoJuno is more geared towards U.K. employers with IR35 compliance help. Fiverr, by contrast, does not offer a dedicated U.K. page.

Fiverr vs. If You Could Jobs:

Unlike Fiverr, If You Could Jobs is dedicated to the U.K. workforce in art, media, design, and other creative industries. They offer set pricing for posting a job on the site and cater to both freelance and permanent positions. Fiverr caters strictly to freelance projects and is free to use.

Fiverr vs. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a professional social network that advertises a wide range of general roles. In comparison, Fiverr primarily caters to the creative and tech industries, and may be the better option for hiring candidates on a project basis. While Fiverr has set pricing for posting a job, LinkedIn offers a free posting plan.

Key Information

Legal Name

Fiverr International Ltd.


Micha Kaufman

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2010


Eliezer Kaplan St. 8, Tel Aviv, Israel



How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services beginning at a cost of £3.00 per project. The platform allows employers to connect with talented freelancers from a wide range of industries around the globe.

Does Fiverr really work?

Yes. Buyers like Fiverr because they can get small tasks done quickly and for an affordable price, with the bonus of minimal risks.

How do I log in to Fiverr?

Go to Fiverr's home page and log in at the top-right corner.

Is Fiverr safe?

Yes, Fiverr is safe for buyers.

Does Fiverr charge buyers?

Fiverr charges you a processing fee of US$1.00 for purchases up to US$20.00. They charge you 5% of the total for orders more than US$20.00.

How can I create a Fiverr account?

To create a Fiverr account, click on "Join" at the top-right corner of the home page and fill in the online form.

How can I edit or delete a project on Fiverr?

Buyers don't have to post a project themselves. This is done by the freelancer or "seller."

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