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PharmacistJobCafe.com is a fully-equipped job board that caters to employers in the pharmaceutical industry. Formed in 2007, PharmacistJobCafe.com has significantly grown over the years, with the platform claiming to receive thousands of new candidate registrations per week.

In addition to its targeted hiring approach, which provides employers with instant access to experienced job seekers, the job board also boasts commendable features, including social media promotion, job ad reporting, and job distribution to thousands of healthcare websites.


  • PharmacistJobCafe.com provides a host of advanced features, including job ad analytics and social media sharing.
  • The platform comes equipped with a built-in applicant tracking system.
  • Employers can create and maintain a company profile to improve branding efforts.
  • The employer dashboard includes access to a resume database.
  • Job posting services include candidate matching and access to video interview tools.
  • Employers can opt to have their job descriptions reviewed and rewritten by experienced professionals.
  • The platform offers innovative email functionalities, including direct access to candidates and batch emails.


  • PharmacistJobCafe.com does not make its pricing readily available on the site.
  • There is no free plan available.
  • The social media advertising and employer branding services are purchased separately.


We were unable to find online reviews of PharmacistJobCafe.com.


PharmacistJobCafe.com's pricing is not readily advertised on the website. Interested employers can contact PharmacistJobCafe.com to request a personalized quote.

How to Post a Job on PharmacistJobCafe.com:

$0.00 USD
15 Minutes
How to Post a Job on PharmacistJobCafe.com:

Three easy steps for posting a job on PharmacistJobCafe.com.


Posting a job on PharmacistJobCafe.com.

Navigate to PharmacistJobCafe.com's home page.

Go to PharmacistJobCafe.com and click on "Employers" in the top-right corner. Read through the various employer services available and click on "REGISTER NOW" when you're ready to proceed.


Complete the company information form.

Complete the company information form.

Fill in the registration form with your details and your company's details. When you're ready to move forward, click on "REGISTER" at the bottom of the form.

Once you've completed the form, you'll receive a confirmation email. Read through the email and click on "Login to My Account."

Log in to the account using your verified details.


Follow the verification process.

Follow the verification process.

Once you've logged in to the employer dashboard, confirm that you've read and agreed to the company's Overview and Terms and Use, and click on "CONTINUE." Next, click on "SEND CODE" to complete the Phone Verification process.

Once you've completed the verification process, you'll be able to access subscription plans and job posting packages.

PharmacistJobCafe.com vs. PharmaOpportunities:

Both PharmacistJobCafe.com and PharmaOpportunities are niche job boards that include similar features, including resume database searches and company profiles. That said, while PharmaOpportunities' pricing starts at $165.00.00 per post and $200.00 per resume search, PharmacistJobCafe.com's pricing can only be requested by employers.

PharmacistJobCafe.com vs. ACCP Career Center:

The primary difference between the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Career Center and PharmacistJobCafe.com is the competitor's structure. While the ACCP Career Center operates as a membership-only association, PharmacistJobCafe.com is a traditional job board that does not list pricing. With the ACCP, pricing starts at $635.00 per post.

PharmacistJobCafe.com vs. PharmacyJobCenter.com:

PharmacyJobCenter.com and PharmacistJobCafe.com are niche job boards that offer branding tools and a resume database. With PharmacistJobCafe.com, pricing is not available but employers have access to an ATS — a feature missing from its competitor's plans. PharmacyJobCenter.com, on the other hand, charges $159.00 per basic post and has bulk plans.

Key Information

Legal Name

MedJobCafe.com LLC.


Kelly Burnworth

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2007


5930 Cornerstone Crt. W., Ste. 300, San Diego, CA 92121




1 (715) 803-6360




What is PharmacistJobCafe.com?

PharmacistJobCafe.com is a niche job board that helps connect employers with active job seekers in the pharmaceutical community. The platform is equipped with a range of comprehensive features, including branding tools, social media promotion, job ad distribution, and more.

How much does it cost to post a job on PharmacistJobCafe.com?

PharmacistJobCafe.com does not readily list pricing on its website. Employers can access the subscription plans once they've successfully registered an account. Alternatively, employers can contact the sales department for a quote.

Does PharmacistJobCafe.com offer a free trial?

PharmacistJobCafe.com offers a three-day free trial that includes access to the employer dashboard. With the free trial, employers cannot post jobs or access complete candidate profiles.

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