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JobsHQ is a simple job board that connects employers and job seekers in the Fargo, North Dakota region. With targeted packages and plenty of advertising options, JobsHQ offers employers a fast and easy solution to hiring qualified talent in various industries, including education, retail, sales, finance, and trades.


  • Employers can advertise a wide variety of jobs, including skilled and trade jobs.
  • For Fargo employers, JobsHQ offers a straightforward solution that puts them in direct contact with qualified talent in the region.
  • JobsHQ offers two targeted packages for North Dakota and Minnesota.
  • Employers have the option of paying for print advertising as well.
  • Employers have access to bonus features like social media ads, video creation, print products, and more.


  • There is no free job posting package.
  • All bonus features cost extra.
  • Compared to several local platforms, JobsHQ is the costlier option.
  • JobsHQ is limited to North Dakota and Minnesota.


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How to Post a Job on JobsHQ:

$199.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on JobsHQ:

7 easy steps to posting a job on JobsHQ.


Posting a job on JobsHQ.


Click "Employer Sign In."

Click "Employer Sign In."

Navigate to JobsHQ's home page and click "Employer Sign In" to register your account.


Click "Get Started."

Click "Get Started."

To choose the standard job posting package, click "Get Started."

If you'd prefer a more comprehensive package, click "More Options" to browse a larger selection of packages.


Create an account.

Create an account.

Add details such as your name, email address and company information. When you're ready, click "Create an account."


Select a job posting package.

Select a job posting package.

After you've registered, select your job posting option. When you're ready, click "Post a job now."


Enter your job details.

Enter your job details.

Add information such as your job title and location. Once done, click "Next."

Continue to add your job description, job summary, category and salary range.

Before you continue to checkout, you can choose between a wide range of upgrades, depending on your selected package.


Add your billing information.

Add your billing information.

Add your payment information to complete your purchase. Then, click "Checkout."


View your job post.

View your job post.

You can then view or edit your job post if you spot any typos or errors.

JobsHQ vs. North Dakota Job Service:

Like JobsHQ, North Dakota Job Service caters to the local job market and offers additional hiring tools, such as social media sharing. However, JobsHQ is the costlier option, charging $199.00 per post, compared to North Dakota Job Service's free posting service. Of the two, only North Dakota Job Service features resume database access.

JobsHQ vs. Craigslist Jobs:

While JobsHQ and Craigslist Jobs both advertise local positions, the latter has a wider reach and caters to the entire U.S. job market. At $15.00 per post for a North Dakota-specific job post, Craigslist Jobs is significantly more affordable than JobsHQ's $199.00 per post. Of the two competitors, Craigslist Jobs stands out with resume database access.

JobsHQ vs. Indeed:

JobsHQ and Indeed are both capable of recruiting job seekers in Fargo, North Dakota. However, Indeed is a free, high-traffic site that reaches a global audience, whereas JobsHQ specifically targets the Fargo job market, which could speed up the hiring process.

Key Information

Legal Name

Forum Communications Company

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2017




1 (888) 514-4473




What is JobsHQ?

JobsHQ is a job board and resource site based in the Fargo, North Dakota region.

How much does it cost to post a job ad on JobsHQ?

It cost between $199.00 and $899.00 to post a job ad on JobsHQ, depending on the package you choose.

How do I create an account on JobsHQ?

  1. Navigate to JobsHQ's employer page.
  2. Click "Create an account" in the right corner.
  3. Fill-in the employer registration form.
  4. Once complete, click "create an account" at the bottom of the form.

What types of jobs can I advertise on JobsHQ?

JobsHQ is a general job posting site that advertises a wide selection of jobs, including those in education, skilled and trades, sales, finance, and more.

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