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MinnesotaJobs.com charges $279.00 for a single listing. Employers interested in purchasing bulk job credits, recruitment branding packages, or OFCCP compliance support packages should contact the company via telephone for more information.


Founded in 1995, MinnesotaJobs.com gives employers access to a pool of local candidates in search of new roles in education, healthcare, logistics, design, HR, and marketing, among others. The platform's hiring services include resume searches, exposure on both local and national partner job sites, featured listings, and social media promotion.

While the platform has a number of great features on offer, it is more costly compared to other local job boards, such as MinnesotaWorks.net and the EDAM job board.


  • MinnesotaJobs.com serves both the local and national job market.
  • The site's featured employers include PepsiCo, ERMC, and the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • The platform offers several job posting plans and recruitment packages to suit different hiring needs.
  • Employers can browse through the site's resume database to connect with qualified candidates.
  • Jobs are shared to the platform's partner job boards, including Diversity Minnesota and ZipRecruiter.
  • Employers can add their company profile to the site for increased exposure.
  • The site's "Recruitment Branding Package" includes social media promotion and video ads for increased exposure.
  • Employers enjoy a simple, hassle-free posting process.
  • The "OFCCP Compliance Support Package" shares listings to The National Diversity Network and several state job banks.


  • MinnesotaJobs.com does not offer a free job posting option.
  • Payments can only be done through employers' PayPal accounts.
  • The job board is more costly than local competitors.


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How to Post a Job on MinnesotaJobs.com:

$279.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on MinnesotaJobs.com:

Six easy steps for posting a job on MinnesotaJobs.com.


Posting a Job on MinnesotaJobs.com.


Go to MinnesotaJobs.com.

Go to MinnesotaJobs.com.

On the home page, click on "Post a Job" in the top right-hand corner.


Select a job plan.

Select a job plan.

Choose your preferred job posting package and click on "BUY NOW!" under the applicable heading.


Register as an employer.

Register as an employer.

Fill out the online form and check the box to agree to the terms. Then, click on "REGISTER" to create an employer account.


Review your order.

Review your order.

Ensure that you've selected the correct job plan. Once you're happy, click on "PROCEED."

If you have a coupon, enter the code in the applicable field and click on "SUBMIT COUPON."


Complete your purchase.

Complete your purchase.

You'll be redirected to PayPal. You can then sign in or create an account and complete your purchase.


Create your job post.

Create your job post.

Once your payment has been processed, you'll be able to create a job post from your employer dashboard.

MinnesotaJobs.com vs. MinnesotaWorks.net:

Similar to MinnesotaJobs.com, MinnesotaWorks.net advertises jobs in the local market. MinnesotaJobs.com charges $279.00 per job post, but MinnesotaWorks.net is a free job posting site, making the latter more budget-friendly. Both platforms offer resume searches, but MinnesotaWorks.net has candidate matching tools, which MinnesotaJobs.com lacks.

MinnesotaJobs.com vs. tech.mn job board:

The tech.mn job board is a local job board for employers and job seekers in the technology and business industries. In comparison, MinnesotaJobs.com serves the entire local job market. tech.mn is the more affordable option, charging $179.00 less for a standard listing, but the platform lacks services that MinnesotaJobs.com offers, such as resume searches.

MinnesotaJobs.com vs. JobsinMinneapolis.com:

Catering to the same job market, MinnesotaJobs.com and JobsinMinneapolis.com both offer promoted listings, OFCCP compliance, resume searches, and social media promotion services. JobsinMinneapolis.com, however, features an applicant tracking system, which MinnesotaJobs.com lacks.

Key Information

Legal Name

Deliberate Reach Media, Inc.


Clayton Kearns

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1995


10600 University Ave. NW, Ste. 1A, Minneapolis, MN 55448


1 (763) 784-9393




What is MinnesotaJobs.com?

MinnesotaJobs.com is a local job board that connects employers with job seekers both in Minnesota and throughout the U.S., offering a variety of services to ensure a simple and easy hiring process.

What does it cost to post a job on MinnesotaJobs.com?

MinnesotaJobs.com's pricing starts at $279.00 for a single listing. Employers interested in the platform's bulk job credits, recruitment branding packages, or OFCCP compliance support packages can contact the company via telephone for a quote.

How do I create a MinnesotaJobs.com account?

  1. Navigate to MinnesotaJobs.com's home page and click on "Sign In."
  2. Beneath the blue sign-in button, select the first option by clicking the word "here" at the end of "Create an employer account."
  3. Fill out the online form and click on "REGISTER."

How do I delete my job post from MinnesotaJobs.com?

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Under the heading "My Account," select "Manage Jobs."
  3. Tick the box next to the applicable job and click on "Expire" to deactivate the listing.

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