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HRCrossing is a niche HR job board. Employers benefit from email alerts, access to a resume database. and free trials for all packages. Jobs are sourced from over 4.4 million sites. Employers wanting to connect with job seekers from around the world for positions in the U.S. should consider this site.

Being a U.S.-based company, U.S. employers benefit from HRCrossing's local hiring expertise. Millions visit the site every month. Nearly 15,500 local employers advertise their jobs on the site, connecting them with a searchable talent pool comprising of thousands of job seekers from around the globe.


  • Connects U.S. employers with thousands of local and global job seekers.
  • Employers can choose between free basic job listings and paid plans.
  • 14-day free trials are available for all packages.
  • 100+ researchers match employers with qualified applicants.
  • A niche HR focus and paid membership ensure that only HR specialists apply for jobs.
  • Paid job posts are distributed to 500+ boards.
  • Job posting plans include resume views.
  • There is no limit to the number of users that can access accounts.
  • Job alert emails are sent to job seekers.
  • HRCrossing features a user-friendly platform that allows resume sharing and rating of applicants.
  • Employers can export their candidate's information to Excel, allowing easy applicant management.
  • Customer support is available via live chat, phone, and email.


  • Although up to 20 free basic job posts are offered, they have limited exposure and are not syndicated to other job boards.
  • The site lacks features like job feed and ATS integration, as well as instant AI-powered candidate matching results.
  • The allowed number of resume views is restricted across all paid plans.
  • Job posts are not shared via social media.


EmploymentCrossing, HRCrossing's parent company, holds an A-rating from the BBB. No site performance diagnostics or user reviews other than onsite testimonials were found.

HRCrossing does not have an established social media presence, which narrows its potential reach and exposure. Social media links on the site revert back to parent company EmploymentCrossing's accounts. HRCrossing itself has less than 260 LinkedIn followers and only two U.S.-based employees have profiles on LinkedIn. The site has only 4 followers on [Facebook]

How to Post a Job on HRCrossing:

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15 Minutes
How to Post a Job on HRCrossing:

Follow these easy steps to post your next vacancy on HRCrossing.


Posting a job on HRCrossing


Click on 'Post a Job.'

Click on 'Post a Job.'

Navigate to https://www.hrcrossing.com/ and click on 'Post a Job' in the top right corner of the screen.


Fill in your job details.

Fill in your job details.

Enter your work email address, then fill in your job description details and click 'Post Your Job.'

HRCrossing vs. HRJobs.com:

Both HRCrossing and HRJobs.com feature job post syndication. HRCrossing offers free basic job posting, but similar to HRJobs.com, only the more expensive plans afford higher-visibility ads. Both feature resume views and lack ATS integration. Paid plans at HRCrossing start at $199.00, with HRJobs.com costing the same for a single 30-day ad.

HRCrossing vs. SHRM's HR Jobs:

HRCrossing connects employers with HR job seekers via syndicated job posts, while SHRM's HR Jobs offers several HR recruitment solutions, among those single job postings with prices that start at $399.00 for non-members. HRCrossing offers free and paid plans, with costs starting at $199.00. Both charge extra for higher visibility add-ons.

HRCrossing vs. Indeed:

HRCrossing features a niche HR job board, while Indeed offers a large job search engine. They similarly feature free basic, less visible job postings. HRCrosssing's paid plans start at $199.00 for a single 30-day ad, while Indeed offers flexible pay-per-click promoted jobs. Both involve job post syndication with major local and global job boards.

Key Information

Legal Name



Harrison Barnes

Founding Date

Apr 21, 2006


175 South Lake Avenue, Suite 200, Pasadena, CA 91101


1 (626) 243-1814




What is HRCrossing?

HRCrossing is an HR job board that helps connect employers with HR professionals.

What does it cost to post a job on HRCrossing?

HRCrossing's paid pricing starts at $199.00 per month, but a free package is also available.

How do I create an account on HRCrossing?

Navigate to https://www.hrcrossing.com/ and select 'Sign Up' from the 'Employer' row.

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