Post to Multiple Job Boards

Post To Multiple Job Boards

May 13th, 2019

Posting jobs to multiple job boards used to require logging into several sites and copying and pasting the same job post over and over. Hiring software now makes posting a job to multiple sites possible with just a couple clicks and makes tracking applicants easy too.

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Best Sites for Posting to Multiple Job Boards:

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Breezy HR


Zoho Recruit











Are there sites that let me post to multiple job boards free?

There are a lot of sites that will let you do post to multiple job sites on a free trial basis. Breezy HR allows users to post jobs to multiple job boards free for 1 job in their basic package.

Will I be overwhelmed with candidates if I post to multiple job boards at once?

Most sites that allow you to post jobs to multiple job boards with one click also offer an applicant tracking system to help you manage the increased number of candidates you'll see.

Is it expensive to advertise on multiple job boards?

Not necessarily. Most companies have starter plans that let you post your jobs to multiple job boards with one click fairly inexpensively. These are almost always being posted to free job boards. If you start posting to paid boards and posting more jobs, it can get more expensive.

Does it make sense for a small business to post jobs to multiple job boards?

Yes. There's no harm in casting a wide net to see what potential candidates are out there. When you post a job on multiple job boards, you get a better read on who is available and have a better chance of hiring a star candidate.