ChronicleVitae review with pricing, posting instructions, key information, and FAQs.


November 2nd, 2020

ChronicleVitae is a professional job board that disseminates information about vacancies in higher education. The site also delivers authoritative news, as well as career-related tools and resources aimed at advancing the professional trajectories of its 950,000+ members.

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ChronicleVitae is a great option for employers looking to source academic, administrative, executive, and other professionals to fill vacancies within higher education. Clients can choose from a range of online packages, some of which include bulk offers. Payments must be made in U.S. dollars.


  • The job board targets individuals seeking employment within the higher education sector, specifically.
  • There are over 950,000 ChronicleVitae members, at least 96,000 of whom have signed up to receive job alerts.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education receives 2.3 million unique website visitors per month.
  • Over 201,000 individuals read the weekly print edition that includes job ads.
  • All print ads also appear on
  • Online ads are displayed for 60 days.
  • Advertisers can edit their live online ads.
  • Premium packages allow advertisers to target specific groups to boost, for example, transformation.
  • Bulk discounts are available for both online and print packages.
  • Those who have existing accounts with The Chronicle do not need to prepay for their job ads.


  • The contents of online ads must match their corresponding print ads.
  • First-time advertisers are required to pay for their ads in advance.
  • Payments can only be made in U.S. dollars.


The Chronicle of Higher Education — the provider of ChronicleVitae — has not been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, the BBB has awarded the company an A- rating. We were unable to find impartial reviews of the job posting service.

At a Glance:


Higher education

Types of Advertising

Online and print

Job Alert Subscribers


ChronicleVitae Members


Weekly Print Readers


Customer Support

Phone, email

Online Package Pricing:

Plan Name


Basic Job Posting


Diversity Boost


High Visibility


Premium Exposure


3-Post Package


5-Post Package


10-Post Package


15-Post Package


25-Post Package


Unlimited Posting Packages: 4-Year Institutions

From $6,000.00; contact for quote.

Unlimited Posting Packages: Community Colleges

Contact for quote.

Plan Name


Line Ad

$435.00 (base price) + $2.00 per word

Line Ad Plus

$636.00 (base price) + $2.00 per word

Display Ad: 1/12 Page

$1.670.00 (+ $200.00 for four-color)

Display Ad: 1/9 Page

$2,090.00 (+ $200.00 for four-color)

Display Ad: 1/8 Page

$2,255.00 (+ $200.00 for 4-colour)

Display Ad: 1/6 Page

$2,760.00 (+ $200.00 for 4-colour)

Display Ad: 1/5 Page

$3,350.00 (+ $200.00 for 4-colour)

Display Ad: 1/4 Page


Display Ad: 7/24 Page


Display Ad: 1/3 Page


Display Ad: 3/10 Page


Display Ad: 5/16 Page


Display Ad: 1/2 Page


Display Ad: 2/3 Page


Display Ad: Full Page


6–14 Ads Per Year

10% discount

15+ Ads Per Year

15% discount

ChronicleVitae Packages:

As highlighted, ChronicleVitae offers both online and print packages. Below are the details of each key product.

Core Online Packages:

Basic Job Posting. This entry-level package allows users to post a job ad to ChronicleVitae. Ads are live for 60 days, and clients have access to a metrics dashboard to track engagement with their post(s). This is a great option for advertisers looking to leverage The Chronicle's reach while avoiding the costs associated with premium packages.

Diversity Boost. This package includes all of the abovementioned features, as well as a listing on multiple diversity-targeted job boards. The Diversity Boost plan is a solid option for those looking to maintain and/or drive transformation efforts within their workplaces.

High Visibility. This option includes all of the features afforded by the Basic Job Posting plan, and then some. These include one-time ad placement in Academe Today, The Chronicle's daily, emailed report that gets sent to over 205,000 subscribers. The listing will also appear as one of the top three jobs on ChronicleVitae's search results page.

Premium Exposure. Finally, this plan offers all of the aforementioned features. It also includes placement in a prominent section of's home page, and on ChronicleVitae. This is an excellent option for institutions looking to attract a large pool comprising highly qualified candidates.


Remember that bulk discounts are available. Be sure to contact the company if you would like to know more about these.

Core Print Packages:

Line Ad. ChronicleVitae's Line Ad option includes one black and white print ad that is displayed in The Chronicle's weekly publication, as well as an online listing on ChronicleVitae that is valid for 60 days. The latter includes a metrics dashboard that offers insight into reader engagement.

Line Ad Plus. An augmented version of the Line Ad plan, this package also includes an online ad that appears as one of the first three jobs that are visible in ChronicleVitae's search results. In addition, it offers prominent placement on's home page, and on ChronicleVitae.

Display Ad. This package includes all of the aforementioned features. In addition, print ads may include color, logos, and images, which help to draw attention. The plan also includes placements in Academe Today and ChronicalVitae Digest, where the latter is a weekly newsletter that serves the career management needs of professionals in higher education.

As highlighted, prices vary depending on the size of the display ad and the quantity purchased throughout the year.

Key Information:

Legal Name

The Chronicle of Higher Education


Corbin Gwaltney




1255 Twenty-Third Street, North West, Washington, DC 20037

Number of Customers


Email Address

Phone Number

1 (202) 466-1050



What is ChronicleVitae?

ChronicleVitae is a professional job board that offers information about vacancies within the higher education sector. The website also offers career-related news, insights, and resources.

What is ChronicleVitae's price range?

Online packages typically cost between $435.00 and $935.00 per ad, while print packages cost between $435.00 and $14,185.00 per ad. Bulk discounts are available.

What are some alternatives to ChronicleVitae?