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Wowjobs is free to use. Individuals interested in posting a job are redirected to Indeed and can either publish a free job posting or pay for a sponsored listing on Indeed.


Wowjobs is a Candian job search engine. The site aggregates listings from hundreds of job boards and career websites across the country. Wowjobs does not allow for direct postings to the site but redirects users interested in posting a listing to Indeed's job posting options.


  • Wowjobs is partnered with Indeed, one of the largest online job boards.
  • The site is free to use.
  • The advanced search tool lets users filter jobs by keyword, employer name, location, and more.
  • The platform is available in French.
  • The site has a salary search feature.


  • The site is purely a job search engine and does not allow for direct job postings.
  • The platform does not offer any hiring or career development tools.


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How to Post a Job on Wowjobs:

0.00 CAD
25 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Wowjobs:

While users cannot post a job directly to Wowjobs, they are given the option to post a free job on Indeed. Follow these three easy steps to post your job.


Posting a job on Wowjobs.


Click on "Post Jobs Free."

Click on "Post Jobs Free."

Navigate to the Wowjobs home page and click on "Post Jobs Free."


Post free jobs on Indeed.

Post free jobs on Indeed.

Click on the button that reads "Post Jobs Free on Indeed."


Fill in your job details.

Fill in your job details.

Complete the form provided by Indeed and submit your job.

Wowjobs vs. Eluta.ca:

While both Eluta.ca and Wowjobs are local job search engines, only Eluta.ca allows employers also to post listings directly to their site. Wowjobs, by comparison, redirects users to Indeed's job posting options. Unlike Wowjobs, Eluta.ca offers display advertising options.

Wowjobs vs. Workopolis:

Workopolis and Wowjobs are both job search engines that aggregate listings from sites across the country. Both are also partnered with Indeed and direct users interested in posting jobs to Indeed's job posting feature. The interface of both job boards is quite similar, but Workopolis is slightly more user-friendly and engaging with helpful links.

Wowjobs vs. Job Bank:

Job Bank is a Government job board that allows employers to post jobs for free, similarly to Wowjobs. Job Bank sends employers a list of suitable candidates and employers can invite candidates to apply.

Key Information

Legal Name

Indeed, Inc.


Anuvinder Singh

Founding Date

Mar. 16, 2006


Alberta, Canada




1 (342) 612-500




What is Wowjobs?

Wowjobs is a Canadian job search engine that aggregates job listings from other sites across the country.

How much does it cost to post a job on Wowjobs?

Wowjobs does not allow users to post directly to its site but directs users to Indeed's job posting options.

How can I edit a Wowjobs job posting?

You can edit your job posting on your Wowjobs-Indeed account page. All details can be modified excluding the job title and posting date.

Does Wowjobs offer assistance with promoting my job post?

No, Wowjobs does not offer any tools to actively promote listings on the site.

Where can I find regional Canadian job posting sites?

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