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Educational Requirements:

Unlike blue-collar workers who acquire job skill training via trade school or apprenticeships, white-collar workers must typically complete some form of formal education before being hired. Most white-collar jobs require a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a similar field while higher-ranking positions require a master's or doctorate.

The Top 10 White-Collar Jobs for 2024:


Job Title

Job Outlook*


Qualified psychiatrists earn an average annual salary of around C$312,000. The job outlook data for psychiatrists indicates a future labor shortage with the number of new job openings expected to total 29,800 by 2031.


Lawyers earn more than $160,000 per year. The job outlook for lawyers indicates that around 39,200 new positions will become available by 2031.


Dentists earn an average annual salary of over C$200,000. The job outlook data for dentists indicates that over 13,500 new job openings will become available by 2031.

4.Information Security Analyst

Experienced information security analysts earn around C$140,000 per annum. The information security analyst job outlook indicates extensive growth with 143,700 new job openings predicted by 2031.

5.Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers earn an average annual salary of around C$141,000. The full stack developer job outlook indicates marginal growth with around 10,400 new positions becoming available by 2031.

6.Registered Nurse

Registered nurses earn around C$72,000 per annum. The registered nurse job outlook data indicates a significant labor shortage of over 155,000 available job openings by 2031.

7.Business Analyst

Qualified business analysts earn an average annual salary of C$130,000. The business analyst job outlook suggests that around 20,400 job openings will become available by 2031.

8.HR Manager

HR managers earn around C$130,000 per year. The job outlook for HR managers indicates that around 18,200 new positions will become available by 2031.

9.Industrial Electrician

The average salary for an industrial electrician is around C$70,200 per year. The job outlook for industrial electrician indicates a labor shortage with around 16,700 new industrial electrician jobs becoming available by 2031.

10.Marketing Manager

Experienced marketing managers earn around C$94,000 per annum. The marketing manager job outlook indicates that around 23,200 new marketing manager jobs will become available by 2031.

*Salary and projected growth data are best practice estimates for Canada.


What is considered a white-collar job?

White-collar jobs refer to occupations that are typically performed in an office environment and involve some sort of clerical, administrative, or managerial duties.

What are the highest paying white-collar jobs in Canada?

What is the difference between white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs?

White-collar workers are office professionals who perform desk, administrative, and managerial duties, while blue-collar workers perform manual labor outside of an office environment.

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