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The Chemical Engineer Jobs is a job board that allows employers to post jobs in the chemical engineering sectors of various countries, including Canada. The platform is powered by the IChemE, a global organization aimed at supporting the development of chemical engineering professionals.

The Chemical Engineer Jobs has a wide audience reach, which makes it the ideal job board for global companies. Their pricing, however, is considerably higher than competitors such as CareerEngineer.


  • Job posts are live for four weeks.
  • Featured listings are highlighted at the top of their selected specialism on the job board.
  • Employers can purchase a quarter-page advert in The Chemical Engineer magazine.
  • Employers' job posts are sent to candidates via daily, weekly, or monthly job alerts.
  • The platform has a global reach and employers can post jobs worldwide, including Canada, the U.A.E., the U.K., and the U.S.
  • Employers can post vacancies in the biochemical, nuclear energy, design, plastics, and manufacturing sectors.
  • The platform has several job posting options available.


  • The platform does not have a free job posting option.
  • The site's pricing is only available in pound sterling.
  • The job board is more expensive than most competitors, including CareerEngineer.
  • There is no Canada-based phone support offered, only a U.K.-based contact number.


We were unable to find any online reviews of The Chemical Engineer Jobs.

How to Post a Job on The Chemical Engineer Jobs:

£575.00 GBP
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on The Chemical Engineer Jobs:

Four easy steps for posting a job on The Chemical Engineer Jobs.


Posting a job on The Chemical Engineer Jobs.


Click on "Post a job."

Click on "Post a job."

You'll find this button on the top menu of The Chemical Engineer Jobs' home page.


Select your preferred listing.

Select your preferred listing.

Choose between the three job posting options available, and click on "Buy."


Create an employer profile.

Create an employer profile.

Fill out the employer registration form with your email address, company name, and location. Once you're done, click on "Register."


Click on "Place Order."

Click on "Place Order."

Select your payment method, and add a discount code if applicable. When you're ready, click on "Place Order."

Once your payment is processed, you'll be able to create your job post.

The Chemical Engineer Jobs vs. CareerEngineer:

Like The Chemical Engineer Jobs, CareerEngineer offers featured listings, email advertising, and employer branding services. CareerEngineer's job posts, however, stay live for 45 days, unlike The Chemical Engineer Jobs' 60-day job postings. CareerEngineer also features resume searches, which The Chemical Engineer Jobs lacks.

The Chemical Engineer Jobs vs. Techjobs.ca:

Techjobs.ca is a Canadian job site for engineers. The Chemical Engineer Jobs, however, caters to the global chemical engineering industry. Techjobs.ca is considerably more affordable than The Chemical Engineer Jobs, charging C$325.00 per job post, while the former site charges £575.00 (C$950.90) for a standard listing.

The Chemical Engineer Jobs vs. CIC Job Board:

CIC Job Board offers a niche platform aimed at connecting employers with job seekers in the chemical engineering industry throughout Canada. While job posts start from £575.00 on The Chemical Engineer Jobs, employers need to contact CIC Job Board for pricing information. However, CIC Job Board may be a better option for local hiring.

Key Information

Legal Name

IChemE Ltd


Davis Bldg., Railway Terr., Rugby CV21 3HQ United Kingdom




011 44 203 137 8583




What is The Chemical Engineer Jobs?

The Chemical Engineer Jobs is a job board that connects employers with qualified chemical engineers worldwide, including Canada.

What does it cost to post a job on The Chemical Engineer Jobs?

The Chemical Engineer Jobs' pricing starts at £575.00 for a standard listing.

How do I create an account on The Chemical Engineer Jobs?

  1. Navigate to The Chemical Engineer Jobs' home page.
  2. Click on "SIGN UP."
  3. Select the employer account type.
  4. Fill in the online form.
  5. Click on "Register" to create an employer profile.

What is the Institution of Chemical Engineers?

The Institution of Chemical Engineers is a global charitable organization that supports the development of chemical engineering professionals. It is the parent company of The Chemical Engineer Jobs career portal.

How do I delete a post on The Chemical Engineer Jobs?

On your dashboard, click on "Job Postings" and select "Delete" next to the job post you'd like to remove.

How do I contact The Chemical Engineer Jobs?

You can contact The Chemical Engineer Jobs via telephone or by filling out the site's online contact form.

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