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All the services that Pink Jobs offers are free.


Pink Jobs is a user-friendly, basic job board for posting and finding jobs. Features include unlimited listings, alerts, and a resume database. Unlike many diversity job boards, Pink Jobs uses its social media channels to promote jobs.

While all services are free, there aren't many on offer. Pink Jobs does not offer access to recruiters or account managers. Employers can't do anything to attract more candidates to their profiles or vacancies. Job posts are also limited to the platform and its Twitter and Facebook pages.

There are few Canada-based vacancies listed on the platform, and local sites such as Job Bank and Eluta.ca, while not specifically targeted at the LGBTQ+ community, reach more people.

However, some well-known companies use the platform to attract candidates in Canada. These include Standley Black & Decker, HarperCollins, and the Toronto International Film Festival.


  • All services are free.
  • The platform also targets non-LGBT job-seekers.
  • Unlimited listings for employers.
  • Alerts employers when a new candidate that matches their search has joined.
  • Includes a resume database.
  • Simple, easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Employers can search resumes by industry and location.
  • Uses social media to promote jobs.
  • Cheaper than Job Bank, Jobs.ca, and Eluta.ca.


  • No pre-qualification of candidates.
  • No services other than job posting offered.
  • Limited reach.
  • Reaches fewer people locally than Job Bank, Jobs.ca, and Eluta.ca.
  • The resume database is tiny and most of the resumes date from before 2018.
  • None of the resumes are from people in Canada.


There are no reviews online of Pink Jobs, nor is there a Better Business Bureau rating. The company does have 928 Twitter followers and 3,311 Facebook followers.

How to Post a Job on Pink Jobs:

0.00 CAD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Pink Jobs:

Follow these easy steps to post your next vacancy on Pink Jobs.


Posting a Job on Pink Jobs.


Go to Pink-Jobs.com.

Go to Pink-Jobs.com.

Navigate to the Pink Jobs home page and click "Submit a Job" or "Login/Register" in the top right-hand corner.


Create a free account.

Create a free account.

To create an employer account, select "I am an Employer," and enter a username, email, and password. When you are done, click "Create Account."


Submit a job.

Submit a job.

Click "Submit a Job" and fill out the job details form. Submit the form when you are ready for your job to be posted.

Pink Jobs vs. Job Bank:

While Job Bank is not specifically aimed at the LGBTQ+ community, it is an excellent resource for hiring for diversity. The platform is available in English and French, is completely free, and attracts millions of job seekers. Pink Jobs is also free and much more targeted but doesn't have the same reach in the country.

Pink Jobs vs. Jobs.ca:

Jobs.ca is more expensive than Pink Jobs and is less targeted along diversity lines. It is, however, really good for targeting professionals in different industries. Pink Jobs is completely free to use and is better for reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community.

Pink Jobs vs. Eluta.ca:

Eluta.ca is more expensive than Pink Jobs and isn't as targeted towards the LGBTQ+ community, but the site reaches millions of job seekers, is part of Canada's Top 100 Employers Project, and is more convenient because it trawls your company career page for new vacancies. Pink Jobs is free and offers access to a resume database.

Key Information

Legal Name

Pink Jobs


Manchester, England, United Kingdom






What is Pink Jobs?

Pink Jobs is a completely free job board that serves the LGBT community in North America, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

What does it cost to post a job on Pink Jobs?

Pink Jobs is free.

How do I create an account on Pink Jobs?

  1. Go to the Pink Jobs home page.
  2. Click on "Create Account (free)."
  3. Select "I am an Employer."
  4. Provide a username, email, and password.
  5. Click "Create Account."

What are some alternatives to Pink Jobs?

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